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Nov 28, 2007 07:47 AM

Library Alehouse?

what about the $14 burger at LA? i go to LA when i can't handle the insanity of FO, but it never feels like i just found Sangri La on a bun.

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  1. I have wondered if the Kobe burger at LA is really Kobe beef. The texture just doesn't seem right to me. I ordered it medium-rare once, and it came out well done. Who cooks Kobe beef well done? It's basically a FO knock-off that fails to deliver. They do have an excellent beer selection, and the beer garden in the back is really fun. Even their sweet potato fries are sub-par, unless you drink about 4 oatmeal stouts, then they start to taste pretty good.

    1. Not worth it in my opinion. If it was 8 bucks, maybe, but no 14.
      3 on fourth is better.

      1. I actually think their angus burger is better than the Kobe burger.

        1. I've tried their Kobe burger and it is not worth the $14. The burger at Lucky Devil's was much better and costs about the same, if not less. The burger at FO is less ($12) and is better - although I wasn't as impressed with it as everyone else seems to be. The mixture of caramelized onions and blue cheese it comes with was too salty and really overpowered the taste of the meat and other ingredients. The regular Alehouse burger might be worth a try. I think the food at the Alehouse is generally not bad, but not really worth the restaurant prices they charge for it. If everything was like a third to half cheaper it'd be great.

          1. tried the kobe burger and definitely not worth it. i like their regular alehouse burger. pretty much go there for the beer and lack of fussiness at LA eateries.