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Nov 28, 2007 07:24 AM

Vegetarian Friendly places around Metro Center?

Can someone recommend vegetarian friendly restaurants around Metro Center around a 3-4 block radius from Macy's?


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  1. Butterfield 9 is within that radius and delicious. In terms of their tasting menu they have a great looking vegetarian tasting menu. And both their lunch and dinner menu include some vegetarian-friendly options (chilled pear soup, the best pumpkin soup in town, salads, yummy risottos, and pumpkin gnocchi).

    The food is seasonal and well prepared. There is also a bar menu, which I imagine is cheaper. Not sure which vegetarian entrees it includes though.

    1. Can I extend it to 5-6 blocks, to Penn Quarter? Try Zaytinya or Jaleo, which, as mezze and tapas respectively, have tons of veggie options that you can mix and match.

      1. What cuisine are you interested in, or not interested in? Price range? What meal are you going for? Day of the week? Too many places until you give some more criteria.

        1. If you can extend to Penn quarter, Rasika has a lovely selection of vegetarian dishes. Get the palak chaat - you won't be sorry.

          1. Vegetate just got a pos review recently, a few blocks outside your range but no other place would be friendlier