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Nov 28, 2007 07:17 AM

Healthy Breakfast in Bristol VA/TN?

My BF will be staying in a hotel in Bristol on business for a week. He is looking for a place to eat breakfast in the morning that is relatively healthy. He usually eats turkey bacon and oatmeal with berries at home. A place with fruit and oatmeal offerings would be great, and "fast" service a plus, since he will probably be in a hurry.

Also, is there an organic food store somewhere where he can buy some snacks and fruit for the hotel?


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  1. Um...

    Unless you know someone who can call in a favor from Barbara Kingsolver, I think he's out of luck. And she might not even be quick.

    I'm a native and have visited family twice in the last month, but I'm no longer a resident, so don't let me stop him from looking. Most of the places that would serve breakfast (e.g. Blue Circle) would probably have what he's apparently *not* looking for (although they'd have oatmeal - just don't hold your breath for fresh berries). There are some B&Bs but I can't say whether they serve walk-in breakfast patrons and the menu might be influenced by the quarter million annual NASCAR visitors. Other than that, it's going to be chains - Shoney's, Piccadilly, IHOP, and I think there's a Cracker Barrel. There's a local culinary school on Piedmont but apparently they don't serve breakfast.

    For what he's looking for, I think Johnson City and Abingdon would be better odds but a 30 minute commute at best.

    He may be better off asking the hotel. If he's near State St, Java J's or KP Duty might be able to point him somewhere.

    Kroger and maybe Food City have small organic sections - I'll let him determine whether that fits the bill. There are some fruit stand and produce markets but I doubt they're organic.

    There may still be some good apples around. And unpasteurized cider.

    If he finds something, let us know here.

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      Yeah, that's what we thought, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Hotel and chain, and I'll send some long lasting fruit with him. Thanks for the advice and we'll let you know if a miracle occurs.