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Nov 28, 2007 07:14 AM

Friday night supper...

Hi there

So I'm a Torontonian who will be in Chicago on Friday night. We're staying at the Hotel Sax on North Dearborn Street. Are there any decent restaurants near there that are good and book-able on Open Table? I'll settle for just good though! By the way, what is that neighbourhood called? I'm having trouble figuring out where things are, but using Google Maps to the best of my (limited) ability!

Thanks so much for any help you all could provide.
Much appreciated!

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  1. You are in River North but very close to the Loop (just across the river). Anywhere in River North or the Loop should be walkable. The Sax is right next to the House of Blues....check out 10 Pin bowling alley in your hotel on your way back home from dinner.

    Good Open Table restaurants in River North include Aigre Doux and Coco Pazzo.

    1. Both recommendations from NDJ are excellent ones, Aigre Doux for contemporary American and Coco Pazzo for Italian. Two others are Naha for contemporary American and Vermilion for Latin-Indian fusion. All four of these places are excellent and are within a few blocks walk of the Sax. And all currently have openings on for tables for two at desirable times this Friday.

      1. Yep, great recs. Also check out Quartino for small plates Italian.

        626 N State St
        Chicago, IL 60610
        (312) 698-5000

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          thanks everyone - i booked a table for two at 7:00 at Aigre Doux and am very much looking forward to it!
          thanks again for your help.

          1. re: elizabethmaitland

            Just wanted to thank you all again - Aigre Doux was really quite wonderful! The waiter was young but great - knew every ingredient and how the tastes worked together. The food itself was amazing and I was so glad that we ate there the first night of our weekend as it definitely set the tone!
            Thanks so much - we will definitely be back to Chicago!