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Nov 28, 2007 07:02 AM

AME or Top of the Mark for Xmas day dinner?

Which restaurant would you recommend? We're staying at the Stanford Court Marriott on Nob Hill. Is one more convenient to get to than the other on public transportation?


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  1. If Ame is open, I would go there. I went to the Top of the Mark for last year's New Year's dinner and found it rather plebian.

    1. Choose Ame if food is your priority and TOTM if a million-dollar view and classy atmosphere are more important to you.

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        Is the Top of the Mark a buffet or off a menu dinner? I love the options of a buffet especially for the holidays.

        1. re: foodseek

          Someone just posted a report on the Thanksgiving buffet at Top of the Mark -- I would guess Xmas would be in a similar vein:

          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            I gotta say, TTOTM brunch buffets on weekend are REALLY impressive and I would go back for the caviar bar alone. For $89, that Thanksgiving buffet looks really great and I would opt for that for Christmas!

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              Thanks so much for link. I haven't been to these brunches in years but used to love the ones at the Top of Mark and the Fairmont. Years ago in the SF Chronicle Dateline(pink section) there was an article detailing an experience at the Fairmont Sunday buffet. I think of that article often and loved the description of his selections, how he paced his meal and beverages. He went in with a game plan and it was an entertaining account of his buffet experience. Perfect Sunday=newspaper, brunch,walk home then followed by a nap.

        2. The food at Ame is great, I highly recommend it. On the other hand, if you are fine with a big buffet (and view), Top of the Mark may be okay. It is next door to your hotel. To get to Ame you would have to go down the hill (no problem going down, just coming back up) - it would be a short cab ride but I can't think of a very direct public transportation route.

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            Yeah, it's a short cab ride -- probably worth the extra couple of bucks over two (or more) bus fares.