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Nov 28, 2007 06:06 AM

Blue Ribbon Bakery VS Freemans Brunch

Can anyone make a recommendation over the two. I hear Freemans Alley has an amazing brunch but have never tried it. Any insights would help.

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  1. never been to blue ribbon bakery for brunch but i love the place for dinner and lunch.

    freemans has a great brunch. its relatively well priced and very tasty. i usually get the grilled cheddar with watercress...just an amazing sandwich. the smoked trout and eggs are good too. solid drinks, great house coffee...crowd can be a bit much but its a good place.

    1. Freeman's is not transcendent. It's a very good brunch in a cute room down a cute alley.
      The grits are very good, though I don't think Freeman's grits and eggs dish is as good as the Southern Breakfast at Clinton Street. Good coffee, good burger, good options for those who love breakfast food and those who are ready for lunch. The prices went up in the last year, which is a bit disappointing.

      1. I LOVE the BR Bakery brunch... i think they have some really outstanding dishes, especially their variations on poached egg dishes.... I've never been to freemans, though... the only thing about BR is that it is extremely crowded for brunch, but then again, I don't know of anywhere in Manhattan that isn't

        1. I haven't been to Freemans for brunch, but I've been to Blue Ribbon Bakery, and it's great for brunch. It's crowded, but Saturdays are usually not as bad as Sundays.

          1. I've been to both. The wait at Freemans was much longer than at BRB. As maggiej says, it's a good but not transcendent brunch. It's very busy and hectic inside. The coffee is good, though. When I went a few weeks ago, I didn't see sam1's recommended grilled cheddar on the menu. Maybe I missed it? And the waffle oven was broken. They didn't seem to have as many brunch choices as other places.

            I must prefer BRB because of the complimentary bread basket, where the challah is excellent. I also like being able to order items off the appetizers menu like the bone marrow. And I'm quite fond of the Blue Benedict, and slightly less hectic nature (then Freemans) of the room. The OJ is excellent.