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Nov 28, 2007 03:30 AM

Peruvian Chicken in Towson

Last Thursday I read a review of Pollo Amigo in the Sun, and yesterday as I was in the area, I tried it out. It's a little dinky place on York Road near the mall (inside the Beltway). Now keep in mind I haven't been to the place downtown on Lombard and Ann that everyone raves about on this board, but I do frequent Y Not Chicken next to the Superfresh on Charles Street and LOVE their chicken. However, it's too far to travel on a weekend, or for dinner after I'm already home (I get off work at 11am) I was looking for a new place. Pollo Amigo fits the bill perfectly! I ordered a quarter dark meat chicken, which comes with two sides. I just wanted one...double salad. It was out within minutes at a cost of $5.95 (half chick is $7.95). I went home and it was delicious! The salad was iceberg, with tomatoes, onion, red and green peppers and a white, thin but creamy dressing. Don't know what it was but very tasty. The chicken was DELICIOUS! Cooked over charcoal, and marinated in the wonderful spices that seem to cover all Peruvian chicken. It came with a small container of the usual light green sauce, and another of a darker green that was very hot! So if you're in the Towson area....I can highly recommend it! Only a table or two for seating, so takeout is probably the best option. The woman that waited on me spoke English, and as she handed me the bag, said "enjoy"! I did.

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  1. I completely agree. That place is very good and the people who run it are nice people (for me, that's always a plus).

    1. I know that crowsonguy also has raved about this place! It's always great to have a second (or third). Living in Peruvian chicken central in SE Baltimore, I generally think that there's no reason not to get that chicken here, but since I'm in Towson pretty frequently, I think I'll just have to try this out.

      Thanks for the great review.

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        I have had Pollo Amigo and while it was tasty, it just wasn't on par with Chicken Rico IMO.

        1. re: hon

          I just had Chicken Rico for the first time tonight and thought it was excellent.

          Regarding the original poster's comment: I think most people would agree that the chicken at Chicken Rico is better than the place on Ann and Lombard.