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Nov 27, 2007 11:48 PM

Chinese Desserts in Manhattan

Hi Ive been craving traditional chinese desserts lately, anyone know a good place where I can get stuff like "dou fou fah" or the sweet potato dessert soup? THANKS

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  1. decent chinese desserts are somewhat hard to come by in ctown...may want to post on outer bouroughs board as you'll probably have better luck in flushing (i can names some places for you)

    you can get decent dou hua at fong too inn on mott south of bayard, its not a restaurant fyi...its like a semi take out type place. Only other places i can think of off hand are XO Kitchen on hester, which has some desserts. Oh actually i get tang yuan from yummy noodle house at the end of the arcade hall on elizabeth

    1. Well for non-traditional desserts (sago, harsmar) you can go to what was seemingly was a U.S. branch of the Asian Hui Lai Shan chain until it was unmasked as an imposter. That location at 150 Centre St. probably lasted a couple of years before the real chain back in Hong Kong realized somebody had stolen their name. Not only was the menu identical, but even the distinctive tables and chairs were copied. I forget what new name was adopted, but the menu continues on. As I recall, the mango pudding is quite good even if they don't have the traditional Cantonese desserts.

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        I agree the mango pudding is great.

        If you are looking for dou fu fah, you can get them at the tofu shops. There are a few in chinatown. I like the one on mott close to mr. tang. Get some white sugar cake (bak tong go) while you're at it. You can also try the grass jelly desert too. Other locations are the intersection between bowery and grand, theres one close to fuleen seafood. Sorry I don't know the addresses.

        The potato soup (tong sui, i think is what it's called) , is usually included after meals at restaurants. Red bean soup too. I think one of those bubble tea joints or those cafe joints may allow you to buy em without a meal. Sweet-n-tart used to do it but I think they are gone.

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          It's now called Whatever (their last word for the lawyers from Hong Kong, I guess).

          One Plus One
          150 Centre St, New York, NY 10013