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Nov 27, 2007 10:42 PM

Best casual dessert place in LA?

I've been looking around for a good dessert only place, especially with the holidays coming up and friends coming back home. Anyone have any good recommendations for a casual dessert only (or at least a significant amount). Somewhere I can roll in a couple hours after dinner and just enjoy various items.

I've looked at simon's junk food sampler, that seems a little too plain for me. Providence and Spago are both more restaurants that have a great desserts, but I'm not so sure I can show up and just get straight desserts w/o sitting at the bar or ordering food also.

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  1. Actually in Providence you can get away with just desserts (they even have a dessert tasting menu /w optional wine pairings -- something I plan on checking out eventually). Of course, plan on spending more than you would desserts normally.

    Susina Bakery opens pretty late (I believe 11pm) and they have a wonderful selection of cakes, tarts and assorted baked goodies.

    Jin Patisserie and new Boule Atelier have pretty yummy sweet stuff too (artisanal chocolates, macaron sandwich cookies, unique cakes, etc.) but neither are open that late and I also find Boule's service to be on the snooty side.

    Another place where I'm fond of sweets (and cocktails) is O-Bar, their brownie sundae parfait and the caramel-banana "deconstructed" trifle are my faves there (and both are very share-able) - and they stay open till 1-2am I think.


    1. Unfortunately LA generally lacks late night dessert places. I've been to Sona for dessert tasting after dinner at other restaurants but it's not casual at all. In WLA, Literati is an option. Does anyone know if Urth Caffe opens late?

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        All Urths are open pretty late-- until 11 or 1 or so.

      2. Milk is open until 11pm. How late were you thinking? Also, I recommend people save room after AOC so that they could stumble to Doughboys for cake.

        1. I really like Lucky Devil's. Great beer, fabulous vanilla frozen custard, amazing milkshakes and the pie ain't bad either. not fancy, but great.

          Providence's dessert tasting menu is somewhere around $20. I doubt Spago would mind if you went in for coffee and a few desserts.

          One of my favorites is to go to Mel's Diner on the Strip and get a big milkshake and huge wad of pie.

          Also, one of the few things Jerry's Deli does well is the midnight madness dessert. A giant piece of rich chocolate cake, several scoops of whatever icce cream you want, and fudge. It's huge, yummy and really naughty. A billion calories of Joy.

          1. The Alcove in Los Feliz is open until 11 or so and has coffees, teas as well as wine and beer to go with their myriad cakes, cupcakes, pastries, cookies, etc.