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Nov 27, 2007 10:35 PM

Best Udon in Austin?

Now that it's getting colder, I'm looking for that glimmering, glistening gorgeous bowl of chewy, slick udon noodles with a savory and well-balanced broth, fresh and hot and scrumptious, hot, crispy tempura alongside or on top - all the wonderful other bits that make it perfect. I've tried Maru - great noodles but less-than-stellar broth - and I seem to remember having a good bowl at Kyoto once -

Has anyone who's had really, really good udon found the perfect bowl here?


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  1. My spouse (Japanese) says the best udon in Austin is at Musashino, IMHO it doesn't compare to a noodle bar in Tokyo, but the question was "best in Austin".

    BTW, There's a delightful Japanese movie (English subtitles) named "Tampopo" about the quest for the perfect bowl of noodles. Rent it sometime.

      1. Yes, please. If anyone knows of a good place let me know. I saw the film "Udon" recently with an udon feast at the Alamo Drafthouse and ever since I've been obsessed with it! I actually found a place in Round Rock that I like pretty well- Tokyo Steak House. It's not spectacular but it's certainly satisfies my udon craving. For $10.95 you can get their Udon Nebayaki, that comes with tempura shrimp & veggies as well as a poached egg. The broth also has slivers of carrots and zucchini in it as well. It's so perfect on a cold day!

        1. Fujiyama (on Braker) got a couple of positive mentions here:

          I thought the noodles (udon & ramen) at Origami Express on W. Anderson were good, but I think that location is closed. The Round Rock location is still open but I haven't eaten there.

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            So I almost wrote in that I had found a good one at Sushi Niichi, which served a very nice bowl about a month ago, but I went back and the second time, not up to par. But it would be worth trying again. The all-veggie tempura (asked special) that went with was good both times, I thought - light, not greasy - and the broth pretty flavorful the first time around.

          2. Definitely try Ajishin Sushi & Noodles

            Ajishin Sushi & Noodles
            6301 W Parmer Ln #505, Austin, TX 78729