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Best Udon in Austin?

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Now that it's getting colder, I'm looking for that glimmering, glistening gorgeous bowl of chewy, slick udon noodles with a savory and well-balanced broth, fresh and hot and scrumptious, hot, crispy tempura alongside or on top - all the wonderful other bits that make it perfect. I've tried Maru - great noodles but less-than-stellar broth - and I seem to remember having a good bowl at Kyoto once -

Has anyone who's had really, really good udon found the perfect bowl here?


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  1. My spouse (Japanese) says the best udon in Austin is at Musashino, http://www.musashinosushi.com/ IMHO it doesn't compare to a noodle bar in Tokyo, but the question was "best in Austin".

    BTW, There's a delightful Japanese movie (English subtitles) named "Tampopo" about the quest for the perfect bowl of noodles. Rent it sometime.

      1. Yes, please. If anyone knows of a good place let me know. I saw the film "Udon" recently with an udon feast at the Alamo Drafthouse and ever since I've been obsessed with it! I actually found a place in Round Rock that I like pretty well- Tokyo Steak House. It's not spectacular but it's certainly satisfies my udon craving. For $10.95 you can get their Udon Nebayaki, that comes with tempura shrimp & veggies as well as a poached egg. The broth also has slivers of carrots and zucchini in it as well. It's so perfect on a cold day!

        1. Fujiyama (on Braker) got a couple of positive mentions here:

          I thought the noodles (udon & ramen) at Origami Express on W. Anderson were good, but I think that location is closed. The Round Rock location is still open but I haven't eaten there.

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            So I almost wrote in that I had found a good one at Sushi Niichi, which served a very nice bowl about a month ago, but I went back and the second time, not up to par. But it would be worth trying again. The all-veggie tempura (asked special) that went with was good both times, I thought - light, not greasy - and the broth pretty flavorful the first time around.

          2. Definitely try Ajishin Sushi & Noodles

            Ajishin Sushi & Noodles
            6301 W Parmer Ln #505, Austin, TX 78729

            1. I'm definitly no expert on Udon, but I did have a wonderful bowl of kayaku udon at Kome on Airport. It comes with one tempura shrimp on top with some other toppings as well. BTW, the udon is only available at lunch.

              1. Musashino for udon. Chen's Noodle House for the best Chinese noodles.