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Nov 27, 2007 10:22 PM

party for 85 people- help!

my husband and i are hosting a holiday party at our place and have somehow managed to invite 85 people! we're thinking a lot of people won't show up since it's on the 15th, but we still have a lot of mouths to feed. we're grad students on a budget and will go the heavy appetizer + cheap sangria route. (charles shaw shiraz + cactus cooler= yum)

here's what i have so far:

store bought items- minimal preparation
- hummus and pita chips
- cheese and crackers
- fried dumplings
- veggie plate
- edamame
- costco spinach dip

more preparation: :
- jelly meatballs (crockpot)
- mini pulled pork sandwiches (pork in crock pot)
- mini crabcake burgers (using dinner rolls)
- soba with chicken and peanut sauce (in mini chinese take out containers)
- proscuitto wrapped melon
- mini corn muffins

- mini cupcakes
- holiday cookies

any suggestions (for any of the top 3 categories)? cheap, easy, and relatively quick?

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  1. Go to a wholesale store and buy mini quiches and Stouffer's lasagna--people love that stuff. Serve lots of chips and nuts. In LA you should be able to find a place that sells tamales in bulk...or is that a Tex Mex thing? If you want to actually cook, how about chili? Or chili pie?

    1. There's a great, hearty buffalo chicken dip recipe and other ideas here...