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Nov 27, 2007 10:00 PM

How to make the most of your flight delay:beer and italian beef

I had a weekend (plus monday) in Chicago and found out yesterday that my 7:30 flight to NYC had been delayed till 9:30. Finding myself around the Western blue line stop around 4 but not wanting to spend my afternoon/evening in O'Hare, I headed to the Maproom (a place suggested to me last time I posted about going to chicago) and enjoyed two great brews: Founder's Breakfast Stout and Dirty Bastard. They also had lots of polish sausages, cheese, and a ton of mustards out for the taking. If I lived in Chicago, I would come here every week. With about 3 hours till flight time, I decided it wasn't a successful chicago trip without an italian beef (I enjoyed one on each of my only two other visits: one at Al's on West Taylor and one at Mr. Beef on Ontario) so I took the blue line to Harlem and then the #90 bus 30 minutes to Johhnie's in Elmwood Park. I lugged my suitcase with me and grabbed two hot and juicy combos with fries and a lemon ice to go. I was nervous the whole time that something would go wrong and I would wind up stranded in Elmwood Park or get stuck in traffic and miss my flight (this is where you start to question your sanity/chowhound nature) Chowhounding can be stressful! Anyway, the sandwiches were great and I was probably the only delayed passenger at Jet Blue Gate E-8 with a big smile on my face. Thanks to the chi-hounds who hipped me to the maproom and gave good directions to Johnnie's!

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  1. Well done,

    Way to make the best of a flight delay. I am impressed you were able to make it to Johhnies & back for your flight. A visit to Johhnies for a beef and sausage combo makes any trip to Chicago complete.

    1. tummyache; Way to go!

      You are a true Chowhound! that will go through great lengths to satisfy his/her cravings like take public trains and buses to reach thier destination. We are a rare breed.

      This is by far one of the best postings that I've read in a long time! Love it!

      1. You must have nerves of steel. That was some first-rate chowhounding. I remember back when Eatzi's opened its first store in Dallas, I used to stop there and get a couple of their Italian combo sandwiches on fresh-baked hero rolls (back then, you actually got prosciutto and other fancy meats in the sandwiches, along with incredible imported cheese and superfresh veggies). I nearly missed flights a couple of times, but OTOH, I was the envy of the entire plane on the way home.

        A few years back, all the bars in O'Hare had little Vienna carts in them serving Chicago-style dogs as good as anywhere in town. When they started adding real restaurants, though, they banned them as too much competition. I used to get a couple just before boarding. (Rats, now I'm starved. Luckily, a place with Chicago style dogs just opened up the street...color me THERE.)