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Nov 27, 2007 08:17 PM

Wild game in SF?

I'm looking to expand my horizons a little with Bear, Moose, Goose, Armadillo, Yak, Fox, Coyote, Caribou mainly... I've had a lot of others but these are the main ones I'm looking for, can anyone help me?

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  1. I'm afraid you missed the Huntington's Game Week where they were serving Caribou AND Yak (the one I wanted to try...)

    The menu:

      1. re: gemster

        I checked out their online menu. Could only find Venison burger on their lunch menu.

      2. Of these, goose will probably be the easiest to find. Perhaps Schroeders will have it on the menu for Christmas. You might be able to order Caribou from Polarica. None of the others are likely to be found, except during the Huntington Game Week, which is over for this year.

        Bear is strange (and definitely not to my taste) -- it's naturally sweet. Had a taste once many years ago in Alaska.

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        1. re: Joan Kureczka

          Schroeder's often has roast goose as both lunch and dinner special. When they do, it is served a quarter bird that is usually pretty tasty, if a tad dry on occasion.

        2. Goose is not that hard to find. If you want it already roasted, you can find it hanging in Chinese deli winows on Stockton St., right next to the ducks but about three times as expensive. Or you can get it fresh uncooked at places like Hing Lung (the meat shop, not the restaurant). I've seen it frozen at Foods Co, even.

          Years ago I recall seeing frozen Armadillo in Chinatown ("tastes just like turtle" said the sign in Chnese) but I don't know if any place carries it these days.

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            Hey there are plenty of "wild geese" here in Oakland around Lake Merritt. anybody can come and get some of these deliciousness, there are so many. just bring a net.

            1. re: jason carey

              That's pretty funnd, thanks for the suggestions you guys, PLEASE, keep them coming:-)

              1. re: wdragon735

                Well, while the guy *was* joking, you can actually go wild turkey hunting in Marin and I've hear of wild boar hunting on Catalina Island. Also, there is a HUGE duck-hunting preserve a little east of here, in Suisun.

          2. I forget which butcher shop but when I was at the Ferry building the other week I remember seeing some exotic meats. Not the full selection requested here but some. There are only a couple of butcher shops at the Ferry building so it won't be hard to find.

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            1. re: JockY

              It was at Golden Gate Meats. They usually have buffalo, venison, wild boar shoulder (highly recommended!), ostrich and sometimes elk and/or antelope, along with a few farmed game birds.