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Nov 27, 2007 07:36 PM

Camila's Brazilian in Miami Downtown - Any Good?

Hi one of my Brazilian friends recommended this place but I can't seen to find it mentioned here. Has anybody been there? Is it any good? Are they open for both lunch and dinner or just lunch only?

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  1. tarepanda>

    Strictly lunch.

    Strictly a steam table (cafeteria) vibe. Can you ask exactly what they liked? This is the kind of Downtown place that employs homeless guys to hand out flyers to get business.

    Seriously - ask what a real Brazilian liked there and I will take one for the team and report back.


    Camila's (305) 375-0992 129 SE 1st Ave Downtown Miami

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    1. re: advisor_Girl

      Wow, thanks for the candid opinion!! I guess I will stay with Bali Cafe then whenever I venture to downtown...

      1. re: tarepanda


        To be clear - I'll hit Camila's for you and let you know if it's worth a trip - but it would help me live longer if your friend could tell us what made it memorable.

        There are plenty of great hole-in-the-wall spots downtown and I'm open to new ideas...

        BTW, the deli across from Bali cafe is called Pesens and they make great soup! To encourage X-mas shoppers, the Downtown parking authority is offering 3hrours of free parking w/validation from participating merchants on weekends. Info:

        Take advantage of this and check out the museums or the library book sale this weekend (remember books?)

        Follow this CHOW thread for some more lunch options:


    2. I know your post is almost a year old, but I decided to register with this site just to let you know how good Camila's is. They are open for both lunch and dinner and are very inexpensive. Dinner is only $7.95. They have a great selection of salad, main entrees, sides, and desserts. Everything has that delicious homemade taste and the service is always friendly and prompt. I've never been there and been disappointed, and I've been there several times for both lunch and dinner.