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30 bucks for a rabbit?

I was robbed, right? I need a better source than Gelsons. West side if possible.

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  1. ya pretty much.
    I assume whole food has em/can get em. usually I'd check puritan poultry at the F.M. for that kind of thing.

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      They say the dont carry them because they are all raised with antibiotics.
      I tried there first, actually.

    2. Find a Middle Eastern market -- for some reason they're carried in the markets in Little Gaza down here in Anaheim.

      1. I dunno, depends upon the rabbit.

        99 ranch has them frozen.

        1. Was it fresh, frozen, or previously frozen? 99 ranch will run you less than $10 for a frozen one.

          1. "I was robbed, right?"

            Yes you was. Around $10 should be right.

            1. It's a drive, but Harmony Farms is the best place for all things game in terms of meat, as well as regular meats. Since they sell meat to many restaurants, if your order is large enough, you may be able to talk them into delivering.

              1. 30 bucks for a rabbi seems pretty cheap ... the guy charged me couple of hundred for my son's bris.

                Oh, for a RABBIT. That's very different.

                Never mind.

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                  Bob's on Ocean Park can special order meats for you. I've not inquired about rabbit though.

                2. The poultry vendors in the Farmer's Market usually sell rabbit (frozen); not 10$ but not $30 either.