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Nov 27, 2007 06:39 PM

Sushi Seki?

We're going to Sushi Seki for the first time next week. Any tips or food recommendations?


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  1. My boyfriend and I always have the original sushi creation for 2. I think it goes for $75. It's an assortment sushi with different toppings (tomato, ponzu, etc). Each piece is truly fabulous and they suggest we don't use soy sauce.

    I believe it's more or less the same as the ones you get at Sushi of Gari, but perhaps the quality is slightly different.

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    1. re: theskyflyer

      I highly recommend this as well. It includes a lot of the items from the Omakase, only at a much lower cost. My favorite from the platter is the tuna with tofu sauce...incredible.

      1. re: theskyflyer

        also agree with skyflyer about the platter for a 1st visit. it's many pieces used in omakase and for less of a cost.

        1. re: censorone

          Can the platter be gotten for one? I mean a smaller version for one. Not one person eating all of it!