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Cocktails from 1967

We're throwing a 40th birthday dinner party on Friday and the theme is "what were they eating and drinking in 1967". The dinner entree is Beef Wellington.

I need some drink ideas. The first one that comes to mind is a Harvey Wallbanger - trouble is I' not a huge fan of oj drinks.

Any other ideas? Thanks!

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  1. martinis, manhattans, old fashioneds, tom collinses, Pina coladas, (wallbangers were from the 70's anyway.)

    1. An old-fashioned. Rye is classic, but bourbon will do. Mai tai. Manhattan. Daiquiri. And the martini seems ageless.

      1. A successful chain of restaurants in the 1960s was called, "Scotch & Sirloin."

        Of course, in 1967 I was smoking pot, not drinking cocktails, but it's true that people would indeed drink Scotch throughout the meal. So, too, with Manhattans and other cocktails -- such as Martinis (mostly gin, some vodka -- thanks to 007 -- but NOT flavored), Tom Collinses, etc., etc.

        Avoid tequila -- it hadn't caught on yet here in the States. Rum drinks like a Mai Tai or a Daiquiri or a rum-and-Coke work; mojitos don't. And let's not forget the Moscow Mule!

        1. If I remenber correctly, Consumer Report rated Johnnie Walker Red as a "Best Buy" in 66 or 67.

          1. Remember that vodka was not that big back then, nor was tequila. I would try jello shots. Even though they started well before the 60's, it would make it fun. You could make upscale shots, which are far from your days at university

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              Vodka was not BIG, but it was a FAST rising star . . .

              Smirnoff ran ads in every issue of Playboy, Esquire, and other "men's" magazines of the day, as well as some news magazines like Time. Each ad featured a different recipe, from Moscow Mules to Vodka Martinis -- think James Bond: in Dr. No (1962), he's shown drinking Smirnoff 100 proof vodka straight; in Goldfinger and Thunderball, vodka martinis . . . .

            2. Stingers, Vespers, Pink Ladies

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                Whiskey sours. Oh and better get those cute little umbrellas to go with. Yum, I think I might have one tonight!

              2. In the '60s, my parents always ordered daiquiris or whiskey sours, and my aunt and uncle drank gin martinis.

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                  >> "In the '60s, my parents always ordered daiquiris or whiskey sours, and my aunt and uncle drank gin martinis.<<

                  Here's a little more historical information. In the '60s your aunt and uncle (or at least most people who drank them) drank what they called "martinis." The vodka martini (variation of the martini) is _relatively_ recent in general popularity. And the martini, common in the US since early years of the century, became unfashionable around the 1980s, then reappeared in the middle to late 1990s (Conrad's 1995 book "The Martini" was a little ahead of the fashion). So the phrase "gin martinis" has only been popular within the last few years (out of the martini's 100-plus year history). Likewise only recently do people apply the word "vodka martini" to other than a cocktail of vodka and dry vermouth.

                  Highballs were another popular way to serve liquor, almost any kind but often bourbon, in a "highball" glass of a certain size, with carbonated water or some flavored soda (ginger ale, etc.)