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Nov 27, 2007 06:35 PM

Cocktails from 1967

We're throwing a 40th birthday dinner party on Friday and the theme is "what were they eating and drinking in 1967". The dinner entree is Beef Wellington.

I need some drink ideas. The first one that comes to mind is a Harvey Wallbanger - trouble is I' not a huge fan of oj drinks.

Any other ideas? Thanks!

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  1. martinis, manhattans, old fashioneds, tom collinses, Pina coladas, (wallbangers were from the 70's anyway.)

    1. An old-fashioned. Rye is classic, but bourbon will do. Mai tai. Manhattan. Daiquiri. And the martini seems ageless.

      1. A successful chain of restaurants in the 1960s was called, "Scotch & Sirloin."

        Of course, in 1967 I was smoking pot, not drinking cocktails, but it's true that people would indeed drink Scotch throughout the meal. So, too, with Manhattans and other cocktails -- such as Martinis (mostly gin, some vodka -- thanks to 007 -- but NOT flavored), Tom Collinses, etc., etc.

        Avoid tequila -- it hadn't caught on yet here in the States. Rum drinks like a Mai Tai or a Daiquiri or a rum-and-Coke work; mojitos don't. And let's not forget the Moscow Mule!

        1. If I remenber correctly, Consumer Report rated Johnnie Walker Red as a "Best Buy" in 66 or 67.

          1. Remember that vodka was not that big back then, nor was tequila. I would try jello shots. Even though they started well before the 60's, it would make it fun. You could make upscale shots, which are far from your days at university

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              Vodka was not BIG, but it was a FAST rising star . . .

              Smirnoff ran ads in every issue of Playboy, Esquire, and other "men's" magazines of the day, as well as some news magazines like Time. Each ad featured a different recipe, from Moscow Mules to Vodka Martinis -- think James Bond: in Dr. No (1962), he's shown drinking Smirnoff 100 proof vodka straight; in Goldfinger and Thunderball, vodka martinis . . . .