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Nov 27, 2007 06:20 PM

2 days in NO after April cruise

We haven't been to NO since the spring before Katrina. We're going on a 5 day Princess Cruise (relatives' choice) and plan to stay a couple of days afterwards. I'm glad to hear Herbsaint and Brigtsens are open and still wonderful. I had read that Herbsaint closed and moved to Memphis or somewhere right after Katrina. I think we'll go to both for dinner. We might try to bus to Casementos for lunch one day. Are they open for lunch Thursday and Friday? Our favorite dive Ugliches (Sp?) closed before the storm I think. I was looking for another lunch recommendation. We had lunch at Herbsaint last time we were there, not dinner, but it was delish! I guess the muffaletto at Central Grocery is still tops. We also liked Dick & Jenny's (isn't that the place across from the grocery store shopping center?) last time, but it appears to have mixed reviews on this board. BBQ shrimp at Mr. B's BIstro or is there somewhere better? We probably could just go for the best gumbo in town one day. Is the St. Charles trolley in service out to Brigtsen's? Last time we took it back to the hotel and found it faster and more nostalgic than the cab we took on the way there. We won't have a car. I assume Preservation Hall never closed after the storm? We always go there to step back in time.
Thanks! Gail

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  1. Lot's of questions. Some answers:

    1. Casamento's will be open for lunch. No reason to bus it though. Take the St. Charles streetcar to Napolean Avenue (the last stop currently), and walk down to Magazine Street.

    2. Uglesich's is closed. RIP.

    3. Dick & Jenny's is across from the "grocery store shopping center." It's changed hands since you were there, but it's still good.

    4. Central Grocery hasn't changed a bit.

    5. Mr. B's reopened this summer. I didn't love it on my one visit. I'm sure you can do better.

    6. The St. Charles streetcar currently is running only to Napolean Avenue, but it likely will have reopened all the way to the Riverbend by the time you visit in April. Check the RTA website.

    1. Preservation Hall is still open. Their website updates their schedule a couple times a month.

      1. Go to Cochon; new since Katrina. Open for lunch & dinner.
        Streetcar (never trolley) isn't providing service past Magazine St, but by April, who knows.

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        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          I think you meant that it isn't providing service past Napolean Avenue (not Magazine St). Also, in addition to it never being called a "trolley," it also is inconceivable to me that it could ever be faster than a cab. More nostalgic? Absolutely. Faster? Never.

          1. re: Blumie

            Duh. Yes, Napoleon Ave is the current uptown terminus of the route. Estimates vary on when it will be ready to go all the way down St. Charles, and the last phase will take it up Carrollton. Perhaps the streetcar could be faster than a cab being driven circuitously by an unscrupulous cabbie?

            1. re: Hungry Celeste

              is there a streetcar stop from the st charles streetcar, that would drop you off at a street a couple blocks away from Brigtsen's.??? of course, pre hurricane days.

              1. re: kevin

                yes. taking the streetcar all the way to the end of st. charles would leave you a couple blocks from brigtsen's.

                1. re: mikemill

                  Only when they finish renovating the line. Right now you CANNOT take the streetcar to Brigtsen's.

                  1. re: Blumie

                    Is there a St. Charles bus that would take you to the end of the line?

        2. I finally figured out why half the hotels are already booked in April after the cruise - Jazz Fest. How busy are the restaurants then? We can go a couple of days early for the cruise or stay over a couple of days afterwards. I'm thinking about going before and missing the Jazz Fest, just so we can get a room cheaper and easier. Is the Jazz Fest a Can't Miss? My husband doesn't really like crowds too much. Thanks! Gail

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          1. re: glecroy

            Another vote for Brigtsen's. Best dinner of my life.

            Would have rated "best meal" but that honor goes to Katz's Deli in NYC.

            1. re: glecroy

              JazzFest is a "can't miss," but your husband will go nuts if he doesn't like crowds.

              The restaurants are all busy, but as long as you have reservations you'll be fine. For places that don't take reservations, like Dick & Jenny's and Jacques-Imo's, the already long waits are even longer.

              1. re: Blumie

                Jacques-imos takes reservations for parties of 5 or more.

                1. re: mikek

                  Ever try to get one of those reservations during Fest!?!

                  But, in general, you're correct.

                  1. re: Blumie

                    Yea, just call at 9 am exactly one month/thirty days before you want to go there and it should not be a problem. We used to get in every Fest when I was at Tulane. You may not get the best time, but you will get in,

                    1. re: mikek

                      That's been my experience, too. Also note, however, that even with a reservation, you likely will end up waiting for a table during Fest anyhow.

                      1. re: Blumie

                        Dick & Jenny's was bought by some of its pre-K employees and is even better than it was.

                        The streetcar should be running its full length by April.

            2. We arrive Thursday afternoon. Our 20 year old son with girlfriend and 22 year old son arrive Thursday night. We are staying at Le Pavillion. We board the cruise ship Saturday between 1-4. This is my tentative plan - Thursday evening before kids arrive at 9, husband and I go to Herbsaint. Kids can probably go to Felix or Acme once they arrive. Friday lunch Luke (redfish courtbullion), Friday night Brigstens, Saturday lunch either Cochon, Casamento's or muffaletta at Napolean House. The kids are probably staying Saturday night after we leave on the cruise, so they could do Coops, Liuzzas, or Port O Call. Once we're not there to pay the tab they will probably opt for less expensive places. When we get back from the cruise the next Thursday I'm not sure what is on the way from the cruise ship port to airport or what food is available at the airport, but our ship gets back at 8 am and plane doesn't leave until 7 pm. Any suggestions? A muff to go would be great if there is a place to get one. Not sure how long it will take us to get off the boat and get a cab.

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              1. re: glecroy

                I would opt for Cochon for your Saturday lunch.

                1. re: mortalcoil

                  We are here! Ate at Herbsaint last night. The sea bass was good, the fried eggplant was great! It was pretty noisy, but we all liked what we had, 2 with the fish of the day, one duck gumbo and short ribs small plate and one vegetarian. The banana brown butter tart was our favorite dessert, but the chocolate pound cake was also good. Today we had lunch at Luke, with most of them having oysters or shrimp and gumbo. I opted for the redfish court bullion, which I really liked. We had mojitos at Cubaney on Chartres Street today, as well as Pimms cups and a small muffaleto at Napolean House. Tonight we go to Brigstens and then plan to go to Frenchman to hear some jazz. Where should we go?

                  1. re: glecroy

                    Spotted Cat is free. dba usually has a small cover, or check and see who is at Blue Nile. Really, just wander up and down and find something you like the sound of.

                    As far as your last day after the cruise, that's plenty of time to go anywhere in the city. I don't know where the ship docks, but any place uptown would be on the way to the airport. Maybe Crabby Jack's for lunch?

                    1. re: JGrey

                      We went to Rock and Bowl as the folks at Brigstens didn't think the under 21 son and gf could get in anywhere but Snug Harbor and we ate so late we missed Ellis Marselis (darn, wish I knew he was playing). Brigstens was GREAT! I had the shrimp remoulade, duck and cafe au lait creme brulee. All were wonderful. The seafood platter (husband) wasn't nearly as good. The tuna was also great. The sheepshead fish of the day seemed somewhat mushy in consistency, but the catfish appetizer was also very good, and the sorbet was wonderful. I don't know if we can eat again before we board the ship, but we'll give it a try! Thanks for all the recommendations! The kids are staying tonight so I think they might try Coops. We saw it yesterday when we went to the French Market.