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Nov 27, 2007 06:07 PM

Cupcakes in Queens?

I am big fan of the Cupcake Cafe on 39th Street, but hate the schlp to Manhattan. Are there any good cupcakes in Queens?

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  1. aubergine on skillman ave & 50th has cupcakes. well, let me rephrase: i only notice one type of cupcake, which might be outsourced from somewhere else. it's like a hostess cupcake (all around cake-like chocolate cupcake with the swiggly white frosting on top). however, it is sort of expensive, considering it's a cupcake in queens - $3 i think? i only indulge once in awhile.

    1. I've had the cupcakes from Bonnelle Bakery in Forest Hills and they were good. Not out of this world but the quality was good.

      Whatever you do, stay away from Martha's Country Bakery in Forest Hills. There is one in Astoria that is supposed to be better but I haven't tried it myself. Martha's cupcakes are terrible - frosting tastes like it's out of a can, the cake tastes like it is out of a box. So basically everything tastes processed and far from being made from scratch. All that said, lots of people seem to like them since that place is always very busy.

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      1. re: pellegrino31

        Thanks for your assessment of Martha's cup cakes. They sure look incredibly good but as the old saying goes, "Never judge a book by its cover."

        1. re: pellegrino31

          I have to disagree about Martha's. I think the cupcakes are outstanding -- but I have an unsurpassed sweet tooth. The frostings are very, very sweet, like how I make it when I make it myself at home (tons of powdered sugar). It's not buttercream or anything like that. The cake is moist, tender, airy and delicious. So I think liking Martha's cupcakes depends on the cupcake experience you're looking for. Martha's cupcakes are the polar opposite of those from Cupcake Cafe (9th Ave, Manhattan), which I think are gross. Try the Oreo cupcake.

          1. re: Puppimus

            I really don't know how anything from Martha's could be called outstanding. I've tried a few of their cupcakes, some of the pies and cakes and have been pretty disappointed except their plain cheesecake is decent but not amazing. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if I walked in there and saw the staff restocking the shelves with items that came out of Entemann's boxes.

              1. re: pellegrino31

                I don't think I can disagree more- I don't think I've ever tasted anything from Martha's (on ditmars) that wasn't very fresh....

                1. re: ctina

                  Fresh doesn't mean it tastes good. Friends of mine, with kids, took me out to dinner for my birthday at a restaurant in Forest Hills for my birthday about 2 weeks ago. The kids, 8 and 10, said we should go to Martha's for dessert. Since I was pretty full and don't care for Martha's, I really did not want to go, but the kids thought it was a great idea, it being my birthday and all, so I kept silent. The bread pudding looked really good, so I ordered that, figuring it was different enough from the other things I have tried (and not liked) from there. Blech. No flavor. As usual. But the waitress was really nice, the place is pretty and clean and the kids had a blast when my bread pudding came with a candle in it and they got to sing happy birthday.

          2. The best I have found are at Sage American Kitchen at 26-21 Jackson Ave in LIC. Mostly known for their soups, sandwiches and cookies, they do a great homemade take on a hostess cream-filled cupcake. Other cupcake varieties are super too. The only catch is that they are only open for breakfast and lunch on weekdays. I think they close around 3pm.

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            1. re: timmernyc

              Agreed-- Sage has awesome cupcakes. I especially like the hostess style. In fact, everything they have is great! Convenient to the subway......

              1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                Thanks, I will check out Sage. I need these for a holiday party, so much better than a ckae or a bottle of wine in my opinion. I like Cupcake Cafe so Martha's maybe out. Aubergine is probably my favorite coffee shop in Queens. What a shame no othe really good coffee shops in the borough.

            2. Martha's is awful. It's another Greek wholesale scheme much like Omonia. They are all show and no substance...I guess the philosophy is to have grade C quality with grade A inventory. They renovated it and it looks real nice, and the girls at the counter are sweet, but the quality of their goods are piss poor. I don't even want to post whats bad about the individual items because they are pretty much all inferior. Too bad Cannelle wasn't on Ditmars. It's almost the opposite of Martha's: small inventory, high quality, smaller portions, low price, and not so sweet girls at counter.

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              1. re: stjredmen

                dang, had a great cupcake at lety in jackson heights today. really tasty and great consistency. also had a canolli that was better than average

                1. re: chefjellynow

                  I love Lety's cupcakes. Better than Canelle and definitely better than Ambroisa or Carollos.

                  1. re: foodforthought2

                    Did you do a custom order from Ambrosia? I had some of their cupcakes at a birthday party a few weeks ago and they were a big hit. Especially the blue buttercream that the birthday girl requested. We were all in heaven! I don't think Espresso 77 carries Ambrosia cupcakes. But I believe they're the only bakery in the nabe that uses real butter.

                    1. re: skay

                      The folks at Cannelle Patisserie claim to use Swiss butter in all their pastries.

                2. re: stjredmen

                  couldn't agree more. martha's looks fantastic from the outside. and the counter girls are friendly. but the baked goods are terrible. it's all appearance and no substance at that place. steer clear. everything has way too much sugar and the textures are all off. but it sure looks enticing from the sidewalk.

                  1. re: joekarten

                    Martha's Cupcakes are really not that great. But I'm not a big Cupcake Cafe fan either... I prefer Magnolia... I would also love to find a good cupcake in Queens...

                3. i hear the bad things about the Marthas in Forest hills, but the one in Astoria is amazing. I guess they put most of their effort into the one here, rather than the other one. I have never been disappointed by the martha's in Astoria. Everytime i go to Ditmars i pay them a visit for the cupcakes!!! so yummy and tastey!!!

                  Il Bambino has cupcakes and they look amazing, but when you taste them, they taste fine, but nothing special, efinately not what you expect by looking at them.

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                  1. re: helen19

                    I'm pretty sure Il Bambino gets their cupcakes delivered from Crumbs.

                    1. re: mepm231

                      i actually went to lety today to get cupcakes and they had none. the counterlady said they dont alays have them and i should call to check or order bummed, best cupcakes we've had in ages as posted above

                      1. re: mepm231

                        i thought they made them... hmmmm... regardless, they look amazing but really lack flavor and are stale most of the time... disappointing. i wish marthas was still there for their cupcakes!!!