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Nov 27, 2007 05:53 PM

Pinche Taqueria

As a Texas native and a Manhattan resident, I have long bemoaned the state of Mexican food in NYC. I'm happy to say that Pinche Taqueria scratched my near constant itch for tacos.

The menu is small and everything that I tried was quite good. I started with the elote (corn on the cob with sharp white cheese and cayenne. I could barely detect any mayo.) Then I tried a trio of tacos -- tender, flavorful carnitas, savory, multi-dimensional carne asada and simple but satisfying frijole. I had a bite of my companion's fish tacos and thought that they were excellent as well. The staff casually mentioned that their burritos (not on the menu) had been popular, so we decided to split a beef burrito as well. This was not your typical football-sized monstrosity filled with cheese, sour cream, rice, guacamole and every other condiment under the sun. It was rather small for the genre, and filled with mind alteringly tender beef, beans, raw white onion and cilantro. I loved it.

Pinche Taqueria was one of the better meals that I've had in recent memory and the staff was warm and convivial. Soho is not exactly a chowhound's paradise, but I think that Pinche is worth the trip.

Mott between Prince and Spring.

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  1. NIce, love the name, can't wait to try it.

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      je, i thought this was a thread complaining about a taqueria, because of the "pinche" title. I'll give it a try.

    2. I actually just tried Pinche Taqueria, as well. Loved it, I've all ready been back twice. It's definately the best taco I've had in New York. The ingredients are the key and they don't use canned food, microwaves or farmed fish. It's a tiny joint - not too many seats to eat in. I talked to the owner and he plans on re-vamping the seating so it's a little more comfy (than the little wooden stools). But overall - love their Horchada and tamarind drinks, the El Pastor taco is excellent as well as the fish tacos. The service is friendly but sometimes slow when it's busy. Definately great food though!

      1. They make the tortillas in house. I liked the pork best, it wasn't the carnitas and I can't remember the name. I guess ask for the "not carnitas pork" lol. (I cant believe I wrote lol)

        1. Thnx for the insight into tacos...if you are up for the informal 1am craving, there is a taco "bus" that parks at 14th, between 7/8th. Heavenly tacos, all kinds, for $2 a pop. All you see there are Mexican workers, so you know it's good. Open 'til very late. Best tacos are chivo, chorizo and tripas (yes, believe it or not!)

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          1. re: tripleB

            Thanks for reminding me about the 14th street truck, tripleB. I have been meaning to check that out. Do you know what time they generally open? Are they around on weeknights and weekends?

            Thanks in advance!

            1. re: mashpee

              hey mashpee, I've eaten there on week nights and weekends (wohoo!). Although I don't know the exact timing, I think they are there after 11pm. These tacos taste best at 3am, though :-)

            2. re: tripleB

              Ooooooooooooooo........TACO TRUCK!!!! I used to work at Craftsteak and we would always hit them up after work. LOOOOVE them! So good. I think a lot of the kitchen staff from that area flock to them after work or after drinks after work :)

            3. I just confirmed with the restaurant that Pinche is BYO, at least for the time being.