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Nov 27, 2007 05:35 PM

Need Becherovka!! [moved from the Canada board]

Does anybody Know were i might be able to find Becherovka in Edmonton? I would really appreciate the help....

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  1. Its a kind of bitters, right?the only reason I know is that a number of years ago there was a hockey player by the same name and therefore a lot of jokes. I am assuming you have checked out the equivalent of the LCBO? you might have more luck if you re-post on the Western Canada Board, this is mostly east of Ontario knowledge you are tapping into here!

    1. Don't know about Edmonton, but if you have friends in Calgary they could get it at Royal Liquor on 17th Avenue

      1. google 'alberta liquor guide' - it's a website run by the liquor distributor that lets you search for 1) if something is available in Alberta and 2) if so, where it is available. Sort by city, etc.