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good food, cute ambiance for date nite w hubby in Santa Monica

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    1. re: Servorg

      second Chez Mimi. Soo cute, romantic, good food.

    2. Lilly's in Venice -- it's a nice casual french bistro and you can sit in the garden area.

      Piccolo -- it's an Italian place just off the Venice boardwalk. Very small, very cute.

      1. Have you been to Boardwalk 26 in Marina del Rey? It's on Washington, just a few doors down from the C&O annex (about a mile in from the water). Very cute, romantic spot with a gauzy curtain ceiling and miniature lights.

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          1. re: recovering_vegetarian

            Ha - got it mixed up with the karaoke dive bar, Boardwalk 11. Thanks.

        1. Violet. Nook (West LA though). Abode: $$ but beautiful restaurant and good food.

          1. I went to One Pico last Friday for dinner and it was very good. Cocktail on the partio with heat lamp and then a yummy dinner in the dining room with ocean view and a fireplace.

            1. agree w/ recs for violet and nook.

              on montana, i really like el marmiton.

              fancier, via veneto.
              vito on ocean park
              la vecchia cucina on main
              if you like a hotel-y place, catch or whist are both good options.

                1. I want someone to take me on a date to VIOLET!
                  I always have to go alone for lunch or with one of my girlfriens.

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                  1. re: tatertotsrock

                    FYI, Its also a rewards network (formerly idine) restaurant. I LOVE it even more!

                  2. I love the patio at the Wilshire.

                    1. 12 washington (addy =rest name) in MDR is so quaint and romantic. Cal-French. Just a skip from SM. Do not miss the roasted eggplant in champagne brie sauce as a start. Rich but delectable. Candlelit tables. Small intimate hole in the wall. Low lights. Stroll the beach or pier after.

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                      1. re: marlane

                        Caffe Delfini on West Channel--simple menu but all well done and very cute ambiance.

                      2. Need to add a price range to get best answers. If willing to go to Venice then suggest Joes in Venice.


                        I think Violet is great but disagree with prior posters that it has a "cute" ambiance, unless it's not busy.

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                        1. re: gadflier

                          I'm still trying to figure out what cute ambiance is. For date nights in SM I like Josie's and Via Veneto, but I don't think I would say they're cute. Maybe Musha?