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Nov 27, 2007 05:11 PM


Beautiful room and my dinner was very good.
I had the short ribs and they were done to perfection.
Has anyone else tried it?

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  1. We went about 1 week after the opened. Same thing - room was very well done. We tried the tempura lobster (delicious but not enough) and the duck gyoza as appies. I had the seafood risotto which was not bad - my husband's duck and sweet potato gnocchi was phenomenal and I'll be ordering that when we go back. Had some sort of chocolate bombe mousse dessert - let's just say I've been back again just for the dessert at the end of an evening :)

    1. We had dinner there about 2 weeks ago. The service great, but after hearing such great things, I was quite disappointed. The food was just average. I had the short ribs which were OK (I actually had better ones at Earls TP last week!) and the bread pudding which was terrible. The room is beautiful though, enough so that I am willing to give it a second chance. We went on a Tuesday night at around 7 and took the last table (no reservation).
      The night we went there was definitely an "eclectic" mix of people, which made for some good entertainment. Especially when a drunk ex-mayoral candidate lost his coat and had a small fit.

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        I was there about a month ago and thought it was good. I can't quite remember everything we ordered - I had duck which was very good, and we had a Callebaut chocolate dessert which was excellent. I recall that there was a lot of attention paid to details with the food and presentation and that is a nice thing. The prices are in the high 20's and 30's, but I think very few decent restaurants in town will do much below that anymore (unfortunately). It certainly has a very hip vibe right now, so I hope the food and service holds up when the buzz fades.

      2. where to start. the first time my partner and i went, we sat at the bar and had a great martini but just average food. the room is gorgeous but the food is seriously lacking. the risotto was a lump of peppery goo with tuna that smelled like it had been sitting out for a few days. the second time we went, we waited at the door for 3 minutes before anyone said hello, which felt like an eternity. we had the gyoza, which came out as a lump of meat and fried wontons where the server told us it was "deconstructed" gyoza. why didn't the menu just say that then? the thai beef salad had a hunk of limp beef about 7 inches long in the middle of the dish. not very appealing.
        i would go back for cocktails and enjoy the room, but that's about it!

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        1. re: foodie les

          I agree. Great room, not so great food. Which was disappointing.. i had high expectations.