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Nov 27, 2007 04:56 PM

Catered Breakfast Midtown NYC

Need to arrange a Kosher office breakfast for approx. 100. Any suggestions on establishments in the midtown Manhattan area that could handle this and would not be super pricey? Won't be sit down so, I guess finger food only would work.


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    1. I think Cafe K serves dairy breakfast food. My office just ordered Kosher Deluxe for a breakfast meeting. That was a pareve breakfast (but the hash potatoes were pretty decent).

      1. Depending on location, you might consider Avi and Davids.

        1. I really like My Most Favorite Dessert company which has a full menu.

          I'm sure they could put together a very nice breakfast menu.

          1. Capstone Catering
            240 W 35TH St
            New York, NY 10001-2506
            (212) 494-0440 Used to be Mom's bagels. J2 also does breakfast catering.