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Nov 27, 2007 04:10 PM

Best Cupcakes in Manhattan?

Looking to get cupcakes for a holiday party, and am looking for reccommendations to the best (Not Magnolia).
Any suggestions?

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  1. Tonnie's on West 3rd. Just served 16 for a party. Big hit. They are called "mini cupcakes" but they really are normal sized. They freeze well (FYI). And the staff aren't impatient like at Magnolia.

    Don't be alarmed by the weird walk-up entrance or by the fact that they share space with a cheesesteak place. The cupcakes are great.

    1. Try here:

      My current favorites are Sugar Sweet Sunshine because they have more inventive flavors or Sage Kitchen (available at Dean and Deluca) because the frosting isn't too heavy and there is a good frosting to cake ratio.

      1. I've tried many of the spots, and my vote goes to Two Little Red Hens on 2nd Ave. at 86th St. Moist cake, fluffy icing, and not too sweet. For a real treat, try the Brooklyn Blackout cupcake: chocolate cake with chocolate pudding in the middle and chocolate icing. Utterly decadent!

        ~Eddie H.

        1. Sugar Sweet Sunshine on the LES

          1. Buying cupcakes for a party is different from buying a single cupcake. (A lot of the respondents might not be taking this into account).

            Many places have a limit to the number of cupcakes you can buy without pre-ordering. And then the required pre-ordering is difficult (no one answers the phone or you need to order many days in advance).

            At Tonnie's, you can just walk in and buy as many as you like. And they are great.

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              I second Tonnie's... the cupcakes are straight tot he point.. very moist and the frosting isn't overpowering (like how the frosting at crumbs is)... while you're there pick up a cheesesteak at the counter to your left... they are definitely awesome too!!!!

              it's between macdougal and 6th ave on west 3rd street..