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Nov 27, 2007 03:55 PM

Lunch - Southern Westchester

Meeting friends next week in Westchester which is a central meeting point, but don't know where to eat. Met at Piper's Kilt last time which was good. Don't particularly want a chain. Loved X20 in Yonkers, but they don't want to spend the bucks. Not too expensive, casual. Any suggestions? Thanks

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  1. I have a wonderful suggestion! Today i had lunch at Piave in Hartsdale on Central Avenue. They have a variety of stuff even on their lunch menu (salads, panini, thin crust pizza, pasta, fish, and meat). They also have a Prix Fixe menu for $20.07 which is SUCH a great deal! Appetizer, entree, and dessert!
    I had the salad for the appetizer (delicious!), tagliatelle bolognese (its so awesome, its a light cream sauce but not heavy at all), my mom had the risotto of the day which had broccoli raab, and sundried tomatoes (this was delicious as well, perfectly cooked), and we had the cannoli for dessert! Everything was delicious and damn for 20.07? You cannot beat that!

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      Sunset Grille or Sam's, both on Gedney Way in White Plains.

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        There have been so not so wonderful reports on Piave here so it's good to hear a rec and the prix fix sounds like a good way to try it out without too much damage.

      2. There are lots of great places for lunch in Larchmont. For casual American, but a step up from Piper's Kilt, I like Palmer's Crossing, the Globe and Watercolor Cafe. Very casual, local place for great meatloaf sandwich and other such fare is the Larchmont Tavern. Also Turquoise for middle eastern - they have a good lunch menu. Encore is a charming little casual French restaurant with a $12.50 prix fix.

        Let me know where you decide to go and how it was.

        1. In Hastings, right across from the Metro North station, there's Maude's Tavern.

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            I have to chime in here - I don't get the Maude's attraction. I had one of the worst dinners ever there - foodwise. Service was fine and atmosphere is ok. Still it always seems busy so obviously some people like it but I wouldn't suggest it.

          2. I like Larchmont Tavern mentioned above by pobo but much prefer the Mamaroneck options for French and Turkish over those in Larchmont: Le Provencal, Turkish Meze. Also, for Indian there is Rani Majal and Zitoune - Morroccan is reported to be quite good. If you don't mind going over to Rye, Ruby's Oyster Bar and Grill.

            More centrally located there's Rustico in Scarsdale on Central Ave, American Bistro in Eastchester and in Bronxville there are a few good options including Rosie's and Craft. I haven't been to Craft in over a year but had a very good prix fix lunch there. Same owners as Rosie's have a new restaurant - Sammy's. Don't know how it is.

            Agree with Dolores on Sam's of Gedney Way. Very comfortable, casual decent American fare.

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              I was thinking of Rosie's and Le Provencal, laylag, but I didn't think they fit the 'not too expensive'. Although I haven't been there for lunch, so I don't know their pricing.

              It's tough for me to think Westchester and 'not too expensive' anymore.

              Come to think of it, the place in the Radisson that used to be Zen Tango said they were switching to upscale pub-like food, at more reasonable prices than Zen Tango. Don't know their name, though.

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                Only had dinner at Rosie's and yes, a bit pricey but I find Le Provencal to be reasonable enough for dinner and even more reasonable for lunch. On our most recent visit my friend and I didn't eat heavily but were content enough and had at least one glass of wine each - may have shared a third - and we were out of there for about $30 each. For Westchester at a good restaurant that's reasonable right?