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Nov 27, 2007 03:54 PM

mussels and fries tonight, hollywood area?

Was craving some mussels and fries, any recommendations?

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  1. How about Cafe Des Artistes?

    1. Cafe des artists also, cafe stella and cliff's edge in silver lake both have good mussles.

      1. has anyone been to Pastis or Mimosa in a while? Stella and Cliffs is too far and Des Artisite is just alright. Thanks for the help tho.

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        1. re: farfisa23

          I would go to Pastis...Mussels not so good at Cafe Des Artistes last time I was there. Stella is the best.

          1. re: blacksmith

            I had a really good version at Vert a while back.

            6801 Hollywood Blvd. -- 4th Floor of Hollywood & Highland
            Hollywood, CA 90028

        2. Believe it or not, Bowery has a pretty good rendition.

          1. It's probably too late, but I had some great mussels and fries this past weekend at the Village Idiot on Melrose, along with some draft Poppyfield Pale Ale from the Craftman Brewing Company in Pasadena.