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Nov 27, 2007 03:46 PM

Any displaced New Orleans chefs in/around Raleigh?

Anybody know where I can find a chef in Raleigh who knows what a mirliton is without looking it up?

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  1. mirliton also goes by another name. ask them if they know what a chayote is because that is what most grocery stores will have it label under. or sometimes even under vegetable pear.

    1. When I first moved down here, I was told there was a guy in Raleigh who was from NO, did Sunday morning beignet and chickory coffee and ran a cooking school (or gave cooking lessons). I wish I could give more detail but my memory is fuzzy except that such a person did exist but wasn't cooking in a restaurant.

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        Chef Rameaux (sp?) near Conti's. His hours are completely erratic but today's N&O had something about a holiday cooking class he's giving. Been to N'Awlins multiple times, been out to Cajun country, tried the Chef's cooking. Just ain't the same, cher. Not even close.

        Seriously, though, you'll be able to find chayote in any number of markets down here.

      2. We had mirliton casserole with shrimp and gound beef for Thanksgiving, as we do every year. Gifted our local doctor who grew up in N.O., graduated Tulane & UNC with several mirliton that he cooked into a Folse soup. So I can find you a chef - maybe a BBQ'r from RUB's with a grandmere from southernmost Louisiana.

        1. What I'm really wondering is if there's a working chef who, for whatever reason (Katrina, mostly), finds him/herself here in Raleigh working at one of our local eateries.