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Nov 27, 2007 03:33 PM

Pho on Spadina

It's the season for warm, comfort food and lately I've been craving the warm hug pho ga can give on a bone chilling day. I noticed this morning though that my usual go-to place at 254 Spadina is boarded up and no longer open. I knew that the tenant upstairs, Bo de Duyen had closed a while back due to its lease expiring but as of this morning, the entire building was definitely empty. Does anyone know what happened to Xe Lua?

And more importantly, does anyone have any recommendations for pho on Spadina south of Dundas other than Pho 88?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. There is this Pho discussion thread where you will find some Spadina recommendations

    This sunday,I was actually looking for Xe Lua based on recommendations made on the above thread and could not find it for the life of me.I did not have the exact address,just went by "south of dundas" i went back to my regular joint Pho Hung

    1. this is quite sad.... they weren't packed all the time but they certainly weren't empty. it's disappointing that the ones that are growing and expanding have the dumbed down broth.

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        really sad. I loved Xe Lau. There is another location on Gerrard east of Broadview, but it is not as clean and didn't impress me as much. ...although I didn't have the Pho there yet. The owner said he was related to the Spadina owner - brother or something. Unfortunately the location doesn't help the OPer.

      2. oh youre kidding!!! that was my raison d'etre for going to chinatown! mom and i would spend the afternoon shopping for fresh fruits and groceries, and then chow down at xe lua for cheap, hot, steamy flavourful pho. t'will be missed, xe lua. perhaps they've just closed for now? relocation, just like pho 88? anyone know any news of them?

        1. Xe Lua North York Location ask if you want Fresh or Dried Pho Noodles. The Spadina location doesn't but I think it default to fresh noodles.
          The Pho Special is XL is a True XLL a big bowl of Noodle with XL of fixings. They even gave us an extra small bowl of Broth to sub our XL bowl. The broth is OK - only cheap if your eating partner wants Pho too. If you have to drive to Downtown Toronto Chinatown - then I would opt for Pho 88 and get parking covered.