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Nov 27, 2007 03:15 PM

Springfield Illinois; Best Meat Market, produce

Going to the area for Christmas and want to order a filet roast. Where can I order ahead an Angus or prime filet or other beef roast?

Also, where would be the best source for quality produce. From experience I know it is difficult to get certain things. Specifically I would like to find fresh fennel and haricot vert.


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  1. ctkathy:

    You might try Humphrey's Market, 1821 S. 15th St. Springfield, Illinois ask for Hope..217-544 7445..not a good side of town but safe during the day...they are the place to go...would suspect that if it is not what they normally have they could arrange to have it for you....plan on visiting the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum while here over the holidays....

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    1. re: EWW

      Thanks for the info on Humphrey's. I'll give them a call. I also heard about Turasky's--any opinion on that meat company?

      1. re: ctkathy

        i have been using (Turasky's) y t packing for decades and have never been disappointed. i have also used humphrey's and it is good also i just love the pork patties at y-t so i go there for most of my families meat.