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Nov 27, 2007 02:56 PM

Las Vegas 27th Birthday Dinner - 14 people, under $50/pp

I know this might sound like an impossible request considering the location, but I'll be heading to Las Vegas with 14 of my closest friends over the Christmas holiday, and we're looking for a place to have a birthday dinner for under $50/pp. We don't need anything too trendy or fancy, as long as it can accommodate a group of our size and the food is tasty. Any restaurant on the Strip or Downtown LV is great for us. None of us are too keen on Chinese or Mexican food (since we can get good, cheap versions of this stuff in LA), but pretty much anything else is great.

I've had some people suggest Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris, but I'm not sure if this is in out price range. All suggestions are welcome. THANKS HOUNDS!!!!

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  1. I think Mon Ami Gabi is probably a little over your price range, at least if alcohol is consumed. Cafe BaBaReeba might be perfect for you, especially as they have some semi-private rooms that might be big enough for your group. It's easy to spend more than $50 p.p. there, once wine flows, but you can also get out of there at that price.

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      Thanks for the suggestion. I don't want to be picky, but a lot of the people in the group that I'll be eating with (myself included), aren't really fans of tapas. I will definitely consider it, but other suggestions will be greatly appreciated. THANKS!

    2. this is a tough one - on the strip, tasty and $50/person....the easy answer is the buffet at wynn or bellagio ...the key is alcohol - if included in $50...i don't see it happening - i guess you can do the maggiano's family dinner - it's not bad but being from la you are probably familar with it - it's simple italian food. you can possibly do an entree and share in some apps and sides at fix or stack and get close to $50...but it's a streeeeetch. you should know - most nice restaurants on the strip are trendy and/or fancy - i'm tryin g to remember the prices at olives ...i've only eaten there for guess is you can get close to $50 - but again - you'll have to share on the apps....GOOD LUCK !!! i'll be on the strip today - i'll keep my eyes open !

      1. You might be able to meet your price point at Canaletto in the Venetian. Although they are part of the Il Fornaio chain there is a degree of independence in the way that they do things, and they have some private dining areas that can fit your size of party quite well. The presence of B&B, Valentino and Zeffirino under the same roof makes this place overlooked, but the value for the money is not bad.

        1. Check out the Orleans web site for restaurants. You'll find PRIME RIB LOFT. Most meals around the $20 range. Appetizers extra - plus drinks. Excellent food with great atmosphere. Cheap but very classy joint. Try it. I go every chance I get. Will be there the week before Christmas. Maybe I'll see you.

          1. I was going to suggest Ba Ba Reeba but saw your comment. How about the Border Grill at Mandalay. They will make you have a price fixe but it has always been a good meal and accommodating to large parties in my past