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Nov 27, 2007 02:27 PM

Visiting Hopkins--Dinner Recs?

Visiting Johns Hopkins next week and staying near the school. I've done a search on the board, but most of the postings are not very recent.

We'd like a comfortable place (not dressy) with good food. The student in the group is not adventuresome, so we'd need a burger/steak/chicken as a menu option. Parents like more interesting fare.

Any/all suggestions welcome!


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  1. Johns Hopkins University proper, or Johns Hopkins Medical School? They're in different neighborhoods.

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    1. If it's Hopkins Homewood campus, an unusual but very satisfying choice is Donna's at 30th and St. Paul. This small restaurant had its start as a fairly straightforward lunch/salad/burge/gourmet coffee spot, but they happen to have a wonderful chef working there now. The prices are reasonable with no entree over $20 and the quality of the food is wonderful. If you stick with the nightly specials I know you'll have a good time. They have burgers and small gourmet pizzas for the less adventurous, and there is an absolutely sinful appetizer of macaroni and cheese sprinkled with truffle oil. It's one of the best meals in the city and still under appreciated.

      1. The One World Cafe just across from Homewood's athletic field is a nice choice. The menu does have a heavy focus on veggie and non-meat dishes, but all are very well prepared. My husband and I often go to One World for brunch- they have fantastic brunch dishes.
        The HON in Hampden is a Baltimore tradition. Comfort food and surly waitresses are a staple there- though this would probably be a car ride from Homewood. You could fit in a swing through 34th street in Hampden which is all done up for the holidays - a nice diversion from the stress of school applications and handshaking. There are several other places in Hampden, but HON likely has the most 'middle of the road' menu.
        Right next to the Homewood campus is the Baltimore Museum of Art which includes Gertrude's restaurant. This place is slightly more upscale, but the food is fantastic and the setting is very comfortable. Easily walkable from anywhere on campus.
        I hope you enjoy your visit to my hometown. Good Luck with the school search!

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          Very good tips -- at my (gulp) 25th JHU reunion this past May, I spent a lot of time at One World Cafe.

          Also, the main drag of Hampden is 36th St. (AKA The Avenue), not 34th St.

          Also, if you have a car, you could check out the Alonso's family of restaurants on W. Cold Spring Lane, which is just about a mile or so north of the JHU campus (and right near the very nice Loyola and Notre Dame campuses, in fact.). In addition to Alonso's, there's Miss Shirley's, Spaghetti Eddie's, and Loco Hombre.

          Have fun in Charm City!

        2. I always thought McCabes on Falls Rd just south of coldspring was pretty solid and has excellent crab cakes

          1. A choice that's seemingly custom designed for the adventurous group, with one less adventurous member option is Tamber's Diner. They serve both Indian food and classic diner food. It's easy walking distance from the campus.

            Here's the web-page:

            Tamber's Indian Amer Cuisine
            3327 Saint Paul St, Baltimore, MD 21218