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Nov 27, 2007 02:09 PM

Chinese in Southern Maine?

Does anyone know of a really good Chinese restaurant in or around Portland?

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  1. No. Lotus in Falmouth sucks least, followed by Chia Sen in Scarborough.

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      Lotus is the best in the Portland/Falmouth area and very accommodating. I can't believe someone would say they suck.....

    2. I really disagree re: Lotus. The owners are from Taiwan and if you know the Chinese names for the dishes you like they will make them authentically if they have the ingredients. I asked for snow pea shoots (dou miao) but they didn't have them. They did offer me off menu a great Chinese fish dish, fried carp (dou ban yu) but we wanted other dishes - we had an excellent chicken with peanuts (gong bao ji ding) - and didn't want to wait the 20 minutes for the preparation of the dish.

      I work in NYC's Manhattan Chinatown, live in Brooklyn and also own a home in Portland. If your expectations are Jing Fong dim sum or Joe's Shanghai, yes Lotus will disappoint; however, if you tell the owners what you like and know the Chinese names for those dishes you will be more than satisfied.

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        Hi, StevensAve. I think we actually agree re Lotus. It's definitely my first choice in the Portland area. The owners are very nice, they always ask after my son, the food there is generally much better than other Chinese places in town. We sometimes take the inlaws there when they come visit. However, takeout from there often disappoints with typical oversauced goo and clumsy prep, and, as you note, they don't compare to Joe's Shanghai, Ollie's, or even (I'm a former Brooklynite myself) Red Hot Szechuan, i.e., it's not actually, by most standards, "good".

        Would I call it a destination? Only if you never get to Boston or NYC or even Philly.

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          I tried Lotus a few months ago based on a recommendation in this forum and was -very- disappointed. It just wasn't any good at all. I think I ordered something like a garlic chicken dish and have a strong unpleasant memory of watery, gooeystewey chicken colored an odd pinkish hue.

          I have been an enthusiastic Chinese diner ever since living in NYC in 1974 during the Szechuan revolution there, and cook Chinese food quite a bit. I DON'T speak Mandarin or Cantonese or anything like that. If knowledge of "Chinese" is required to obtain a decent meal in a restaurant that's too high a hurdle. Unfair.

          I learned about Fortune Garden here at the same time I learned about Lotus. Not bad at all for high quality westernized Chinese fare. Mostly take out: no beer or wine, only two or three tables. It's at 1435 Forest Ave. in Portland.

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            I agree with you about Fortune Garden. The menu's basic. It's really a take out place.But hey - the $6 lunch is almost enough for two!

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              Good stuff I've had at Lotus: eggplant in garlic sauce: is indeed pinkish and very sweet, but satisfying in a junky way. Hot & sour seafood soup: impressive. Generous with the seafood, flavorful, and festively decorated with bits of stiffly whipped egg white. The vegetarian house special with the veggies three ways is pretty good, if not anything to write home about. Fond of their scallion pancakes and veggie dumplings, but those are pretty hard to screw up.

              Only tried Fortune Garden once. There was a 45 minute wait for takeout on a weeknight. I can't remember anything about the food except the use of canned button mushrooms.

              Believe it or not, I've found some decently executed food at the Super Buffet in South Portland, including salt & pepper squid, a few dimsum type items (I love the fried sesame balls with bean paste -- previously frozen, I'm sure), sauteed baby bok choi, etc.

              Also a promising lead regarding a place in Auburn called Panda Garden -- I've tried it once, at the (sigh) lunch buffet, and signs noted that the veggies in several of the available items came from the owners' garden. Really nice, crisply battered eggplant sauteed with mixed veggies (I'm an eggplant fan -- can you tell?) I invite others to check it out and see if it's as good as one might hope.

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                Just following up after a year or so. Panda Garden in Auburn is okay if you're in Auburn, very friendly staff. Not worth a special trip though.

                Just re-visited the South Portland Super Buffet, and confirmed my impression that the food there has no reason at all to be as good as it is. Last weekend at lunchtime, next to the baby bok choi and inevitable string beans, there was sauteed chayote with garlic and scallion that just blew me away. Plus salt and pepper shrimp, whole, with heads on. Plus, next to the baked salmon and mashed potatoes, there was nicely done steamed catfish with scallion and ginger. (Can you tell I'm a seafood fan?) Also really nice chicken with BBQ sauce, hacked up w/skin and bones Chinese style, well charred and fragrant with hoisin. And they still had my beloved sesame/red bean balls.

                This may sound like faint praise, but this is way better than any similar restaurant in the state (the ones in Lewiston/Auburn with the exception of Panda Garden are uniformly awful), and better than any similar restaurant I've been to in OTHER states (not that I've been to that many, but it beats my mom's favorite buffet in Boynton Beach by a lot :) ). I invite folks to try it and see if I'm wrong.

          2. I don't know if it's still there, but we used to like Imperial China in South Portland.
            Anyone remember the old Hu Shang in the Old Port?

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              Hu Shang was the best! They had a dish called Exotic Chicken that was so delish! I also liked the Sizzling Rice Soup. I think the owner went to jail or something... I miss Hu Shang!

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                Here's the real story. I worked as a carpenter/painter at both Hu Shang restaurants in the early 80s, the one in the Old Port and the one on Brown Street. Kenny Ng went to jail for income tax evasion (employing Chinese relatives without papers and paying them under the table). Kenny's brother, Henry (also 1/2 owner) escaped prosecution by testifying against Kenny.

                During the building of the Exchange Street restaurant, Kenny approached several banks for funds and was summarily turned down. He flew to Hong Kong and returned with a half-million in bank checks. After the restaurants were wildly successful, the bankers were kicking themselves, as were local venture capitalists.

                Kenny was "funny as hell". A great guy and fa abulous "front man" for the restaurant. Henry handled the kitchen. Every few days, Kenny would rush into the partially-completed restaurant and proclaim, "I have a new color scream!!!" (meaning color scheme).

                It was Kenny's brilliance and personality that made the restaurants successful.
                Historically, the first Hu Shang was in a hole-in-the-wall on Congress Street across from the State Theater. Prior to that, there was a very good Chinese restaurant there called 456. I askes what "456" meant and was told by the owner "Chinese lucky numbers".

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                Man, it was so great and I miss it so much! Nothing has come close to taking its place!

              3. The best Chinese was at the original Hu Shang accross from the State Theater, when it was a XXX movie house. Sadly, there is only the disappointment of Chinese/American to be found in So. Maine. Real Chinese(what you have to travel to Boston for) is a huge hole, I wish someone in this area would fill.

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                  The original Hu Shang did serve the best Szechuan style Chinese food that I have ever had. The Hu Shang and State Theater both bring back fond memories (pre-gentrification Portland). Friday night Rocky Horror Picture show at the State followed by drunken debauchery at the Free Street Pub wouldn't be accepted in this day and age.

                2. China Rose in Freeport has above average food (for Maine). I have at least found it to be consistent.

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                    I agree and the lunch buffet isnt bad and is an economical choice when shopping the outlets.

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                      I agree - we've always been pleased with lunch here. How's the sushi upstairs?

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                        We like China Rose, and I'll state my NY credentials right here. My aunt, who lived most of her life in NYC, likes to go to China Rose when she visits in Maine. Good food, nice family ownership, occasionally inconsistent, but good most of the time.