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Nov 27, 2007 01:35 PM

happy hour in Westwood?

I'm looking for someplace to get a few drinks after work in Westwood, north of Wilshire, can't think of a single appealing spot. Many thanks -

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  1. Palomino?? I actually met a few friends there a couple months back. If you stick to the Happy Hour Drinks and Food you will be suprised how inexpensive the place can be. The food was actually pretty good..

    Palomino Euro-Bistro
    10877 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

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      1. re: AlabasterDisaster

        Palomino is head and shoulders the best happy hour in the area. If I recall correctly, a choice of beers or house wine is $3, all of their pizzas (slightly larger than personal size, apparently a woodburning oven, normally $10-13) are $5 each, and a selection of bar appetizers (e.g. calamari fritti) are half of their usual price. Very nice bar area with small two-tops and larger tables for groups. Sure, parking can be a problem -- I wonder if they validate in their building's lot??

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          if you don't want to loop around ww looking for parking, palomino's offers valet parking.

    1. Palomino and the Napa Valley Grille have nice happy hours. There's also Gardens on Glendon, and Tengu, though I like the Santa Monica location better.

      If you are looking for a younger UCLA or sports bar crowd try Westwood Brewing Company or O'Haras (which used to be called Maloneys, I think) Farther west on Wilshire (west of the 405) is Q's and Cabo. These two places are loud and filled with industry wanna-bes if you like that kind of thing.

      I work in the area and if I wanted to brave Westwood traffic and pay for parking, I'd go to Palomino.

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      1. re: PrettyPlaty

        concur with the recs for palomino... but, the fish tacos at westwood brewing company are pretty good too.

        more casual, you could also relax a bit at gypsy cafe... with a hookah... their salads and paninis IIRC are pretty good.

        1. re: Emme

          I forgot about Gypsy Cafe- their paninis are good (I'm a fan of the Gypsy Chicken). I don't think they have an official "happy hour". I have seen people doing shots and drinking beer at midday, though! I have only been there during the lunch hour and while working- so no midday alcohol for me!

          1. re: PrettyPlaty

            Gypsy Cafe is for poseurs to try to look foreign while eating overpriced crap, and the hookah thing there and across the street is disgusting. I hate to even have to walk past there on my way to or from Diddy Riese.

            1. re: nosh

              I don't know that Gypsy Cafe specifically markets to poseurs who are trying to look foreign. I do know that some of their clientele, a.k.a. the people I go there for lunch with, are actually foreigners. If liking their Gypsy Chicken sandwich every once in a while makes me a poseur, I'm not sure that is a bad thing. But to each their own. If hookah bothers you, it's probably not a good place to go.

      2. Don't know if they have happy hour selections and prices, but Tanino's at 1043 Westwood is a very nice place. The owner is one of the Drago brothers. They have sidewalk seating, so it could be good for drinks.

        1. Concur with the Palomino recs. But I wanted to add that they recently reduced the number of different appetizers they are offering at half price--several items are no longer on the list of happy hour specials. But it's still the best happy hour in the area, despite the reduced offerings.

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            yeah, definitely Palominos. make sure to go early, order the Cosmoritas, and the pizzas before 7 pm.