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Nov 27, 2007 01:26 PM

Tonopah? is there a decent place to eat there?

I will be driving from Reno to Las Vegas this Friday, and back on Monday, Tonopah seems to be the logical place to stop for lunch. Suggestions welcome for a suggestion for a decent restaurant/diner. I did see that the Death Valley Nut Co may be a good place to stop for dessert...


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  1. Used to be the Mizpah dining room was reliable, if not very exciting. The old hotel is worth a visit regardless. I haven't been back in some years.

    Good luck, Pete Tillman

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      An update: On our last trip through last week I noted the Mizpah is closed. And there is a big "For Sale" sign on it. It will be missed....I spent several memorable nights there over the years. If I had all the money and time in the world I would buy it and restore it to the roadhouse it was meant to be...

      And we ate again at the Mexican place (El Marquez). Still standard Tex-Mex, but I remembered one thing I really love about that place (and actually had posted about a couple of years memory being what it is I had forgotten until I searched...). Anyway, food is standard, but the coffee may well be the best in Nevada. Ground with a touch of cinnamon. Stick to something simple, like tacos, and finish with the coffee. A traveler can't help but be happy after a couple of cups....

    2. My husband likes the Mexican place in town. I usually find its ok too, standard Tex-Mex, but ok. But last time I ate there (several weeks ago) I ordered carnitas and they were awful. Whatever hubby had was ok. It is reasonably priced, and service is good. They make a decent huge margarita, but that's probably not the best thing to have if you're hitting the road.

      I'm doing the Reno to Vegas drive tomorrow and I'm bringing a picnic. FWIW.

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        Thanks for the responses, I just may pack a lunch too. I should be able to find something in Vegas for the trip back.

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          btw, on this trip we left early and were in Tonopah at breakfast time. We had breakfast at the Ramada Inn coffee shop. It was certainly decent....I had good pancakes, and DH had the vegetarian omelet which was full of nicely grilled fresh vegetables. The price was right too....

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            Did DH have to order the vegetarian omelet for breakfast because they do not serve the vegetarian meatball sandwiches until lunchtime?

            I am not a vegetarian and would therefore suggest that you pack a lunch of the Lobster or Oyster Pan Roast from the Atlantis Seafood Bar and snack on it as you drive through Tonopah.

      2. The original comment has been removed