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Nov 27, 2007 01:23 PM

Looking for Cinnamon Stars - moved from Pennsylvania board

The now closed Morning Glory bakery/cafe on Butler Pike in Conshohocken used to have amazing cinnamon stars that they got from an outside source. They were danish pastry dough turned into pinwheels and were among my favorite pastries of all time. Does anyone know where they bought them from and if they are still available anywhere? Thanks.

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  1. when did the Morning Glory close? I thought their food was pretty good, and used them for catering a few times. Sad to hear this.

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      I drove by a few months ago and it was gone. Maybe they moved but they had stoped selling the Cinnamon Stars a year ago to focus on catering.

    2. Hello everyone ...I am/was the owner of morninglory in conshohocken and just found this site for posting reviews...although it's been 2 years since teamphilly was asking about our cinnamon stars I can tell you that we didn't buy them from an outside source we made them ourselves (as we did with all our items) everyday and we sold a ton of them. We have been out of business now for 2 and a half years and still run into old customers everyday asking about their favorite morninglory item. If anyone reads this post please post back...would love to hear from some old customers

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        Thanks for your note. Any chance of reviving the cinnamon stars? hint hint. I see where the ice cream place on Butler is related to you and has some of the baked goods.

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          Hi TeamPhilly!! this is the owner of morninglory and just checked this site to see if anyone read my last posting and you did!! someday I would love to revive some of those mglory goodies in a small location in conshy but no luck yet...thought I had it with that ice cream place on butler pike but alas it did not work out...I am however selling my apple cakes in a few retail locations...........

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            Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze post here if you ever revive the cinnamon stars. Thx!

      2. Eiselen's Bakery in Roxborough sells cinnamon stars.

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          Thanks Nikki. Did they used to be in Wyndmoor and have really good little honey sticky buns?

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            Thanks for the tip. They had these little cinnamon things that were like the squared off points of the cinnamon stars. Way yummy. My waistline thanks you. My wife not so much.