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Nov 27, 2007 01:03 PM

NEED HELP--I want to make decisions

I will be in Barcelona for 3 days in April (not a Sunday). I have Maribel's guide, have been on Trip Advisor, this website and egullet, and am confused about where to go since I only have 6 meals in this wonderful city.

I am NOT a terribly adventurous eater, but I usually find something on menus that work for me. I have chosen the following restaurants::

Dinners- Hofmann, Windsor, El Principal, La Camarga, and two that seem VERY ADVENTUROUS WITH UNUSUAL FOOD--Alkimia and Cinc Sentis. Are these last two places I might not want to go to?

For mid-day, I like TapaC24, Comerc 24, Pinotxo, Cal Pep, Laurak, Txikiron, Perhpas even one of the above in the dinner section would be good for a large mid-day meal and one of these for the evenings.

I have read mixed reviews on whether to go to Comerc or TapaC, as well as to Cal Pep or . Passadis de Pep.

Has anyone eaten at La Dama, Moo, or Cheeseme?

I'd like to make reservations as soon as possible since many of these places are so popular and April should be a time when tourism picks up.

I know Escriba is a good place for breakfast

Thanking in advance for good advice..

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  1. I don't know if restaurants take reservations as far in advance as this ... anyway ...

    I don't know your definition of adventurous, but Cinc Sentis and Moo offer high-end "classical" catalan/spanish food; Moo was a bit more high end (IMO) but was a bit too cold an experience as a solo diner compared to Cinc Sentits (I had a great time there).

    I would add Quimet y Quimet for a really cool tapas experience; it's a small stand-up bar a bit out side of the tourist area, but really worth it (I mean it!! really, really worth it).

    A place I tried for lunch, Vinya Roel, was ok, but was a bit too much "business" formal for a tourist on vacation, their other restaurant, Paco Meralgo looked much better ( but I did not have enough time to try it.

    For lunch, all the places in the Boqueria market are worth it, I spend more time at Bar Central than Pinotxo because of the crowd, I hate to wait to eat.

    another small place that you can try it El Xampanyet; small, you eat tapas and drink cava.

    I wrote a review of my Barcelona trip a while back, just search for it on this board.

    the photos can be found here :

    Have fun.

    1. Generally it seems like reserving more than a month in advance is unnecessary. Some of them, e.g. Cinq Sentits will not take reservations more than 2 weeks in advance. Alkimia and CS are not as avant-garde as you may have been given the impression. They are innovative, but not crazy. If you can only try one of the two, make it Alkimia. Just a little more interesting, though each is great in its own way. La Dama is a complete contrast to these. The food is very traditional Catalan, but what wonderful food it is! Canneloni, pig's feet, paella, all like nothing else you have ever experienced, and a lovely art nouveau setting with formal, old-world service. I would avoid Moo, as it is owned by the Roca brothers of El Celler de Can Roca near Girona, and our lunch at Can Roca was a disappointment, overly experimental food that just didn't work (some on this board will disagree with me, but if you are cautious about this you will probably find it just too too). Cheese Me looked interesting but we did not get to try it. Senyor Parellada was quite good for simple traditional food with an inexpensive, large and varied menu.

      1. April is way too early to make any reservations, even for the best restaurants. From my own experiences with with Barcelona, even the very best restaurant has detractors. There are many good posts in this board on the places that you've mentioned. From them, you should be able get a good sense of what each restaurant offers to a diner. Pick what might suit your taste preference and not worry about individual detractors. I've eaten at every restaurant on your list except for Laurak and each is good in their rights.

        1. Quim in the Boqueria in addition to Pinotxo. I like Quim better.

          Ciudad Comtal for tapas. It is classic with a huge selection. Sit at the bar.

          Definitely Cal Pep and make sure you have the foie sausage with white beans in the port reduction. No it is not seafood, yes it is amazing.

          1. The Windsor doesnt seem to get mentions on this board, but I had a great meal there a couple of years back (and certainly the best we had in the city). In spite of its English name, it's fine dining in what I suppose one would call a "modern Catalan" style. Thoroughly recommended.