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Nov 27, 2007 12:49 PM

carol, forgive me

I really don't want to rip off carol's cookies.... if I had a whole foods near me, or if they delivered to canada, I would buy them. but I can't, and I am desperate to reproduce them. they are the size of my head, ok, my kid's head, tall, soft and amazing. has ayone achieved this type of choc chip cookie at home? I can only find chewy or crispy recipes.

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  1. Have you seen this link? I don't know what Carol's cookies are like but looking at them, they look similar to these. Page down the comments for a couple of recipes. They make taller cakey cookies. For even less chewy, I'd go with less brown sugar (btw, the ABC recipe link probably has a typo w/ two "white" sugars, as digkv said.