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Nov 27, 2007 12:40 PM

Chowhound challenge: Impress a foodie on a budget

Let's say you want to impress a foodie (who has not been to New York before). But here are the conditions:

1. You only have $65 flat, per person (including all tax, tips, wine...)
2. It can be lunch or dinner
3. He likes wine, but a great wine list is not an absolute necessity (also keep in mind the budget)
4. Cuisine, location doesn't matter.
5. No tapas bar / wine bar / small plates please. He doesn't like sharing food (I know, I know).

Where would you go? I'm so curious as to what you guys think!

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  1. I would go to Compass. If you have the $35 prix fixe or 2 courses a la carte, with a low-priced bottle of wine (they have a few at $30 to $40 that are quite acceptable) you will be able to stay within that budget, and your foodie friend will definitely be impressed.

    1. 'inoteca
      Little Owl

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        Sorry, I forgot to mention
        5. No tapas bar / wine bar / small plates please. He doesn't like sharing food (I know, I know).

      2. Jean-Georges lunch - $28 for 2 courses, $12 for each additional and $8 for dessert. Best deal in the city!

        1. We just had a REALLY good dinner at Da Andrea in the WV. It's a small, unassuming italian place with really good food. I had the octopus and potato app which I've had in other places before, but this was really good. The octopus was so tender it almost melted in your mouth, really! My SO had this peoscuitto platter with house made "flat buns". Again, really good. Entrees were lamb shank, hearty and satisfying and I had grilled shrimp with asparagus tart, yum! We has a liter of house wine (Montepulciano not bad but not a great list) and then we had an espresso and shared tiramisu Total was $95 (inc tax, not tip) for 2 people. Portions were very generous and we are looking forward to going back to try their pastas etc.

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            I eat at Da Andrea quite often, and it is very good for what it is, a nice neighborhood place with tasty food, but for a serious foodie dinner, no.