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Kettle Chips - Which Brand is Best?

My fiance wants me to bring some kettle chips with me to Japan (I'm leaving bright and early Thursday morning, so I've got all of TOMORROW to look for them! Ack!) for him. He apparently likes Sea Salt and Olive Oil in particular for flavors. I know about the "Kettle Chips" brand, but I'm usually pretty wary of anything mass-produced, so is there any other brand worth digging around for? Is the Kettle Chips brand good?

I'm in the Chicago area, so any suggestions from anyone around the area would be really helpful! If you swear by any kind of chip, WHERE can I find it tomorrow???

Thanks in advance!!! ^_^

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  1. Cape Cod chips are my favorite. They do a sea salt & vinegar, but my favorite is the Robust Russett, a dark fried hearty chip that has a great nutty flavor.

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      I second the Cape Cod Robust Russets. So good.

    2. Kettle brand chips are quite good, I think. There's also a brand called Dirty Potato Chips that is delicious (usually find-able at natural foods stores). Solea Olive Oil chips are also lovely, and can almost always be found at World Market. I assume you have those in Chicago. Mmmm. Just writing about this topic is making me hungry.

      1. I've seen Kettle Chips in several Costco stores in California, so you might try there. Of course, if *I* were on a trip to Japan bearing Kettle Chips, they'd never make it...

        1. Cape Cod chips are seriously like crack.

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            They are! I grew up not far from there, and I love them. The salt and vinegar are my favorite.

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              It seems like all of their flavors have been "my favorite" at some point. Right now I am on a jalepeno and aged cheddar kick.

          2. Dirty are good, though I found some flavors to be too artificial (I know, an oxymornon, we are talking about chips here)...Cape Cod are my fav commercially available kettle chips, hand down

            1. Hands down my favorite chips are the Garlic and Herb by Route 11. The flavor is wonderful. You can peruse the offerings in the chip gallery and use the url below to determine where they are sold in your area. This is a unique flavor that your friend might enjoy.


              As for Cape Cod chips, go with the Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper. They are wonderful.

              1. I love those chips, they are my vice... I do not smoke, eat fast food, or eat things with HFCS or additives.

                But UTZ brand Kettle Sea salt and malt vinegar chips are like crack to me... I would rather lick the bag clean than eat lobster when I get a craving.

                1. Miss Vickie's Salt & Vinegar or Lime & Black Pepper are my favorites but I don't see them often. Cape Cod S&V are very good too!

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                    If you like Miss Vickie's salt@ vinegar but can't find them, Buy Frito Lay Salt@ Vin Kettle. They are the exact same chip.

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                      wow, thanks for the tip! I didn't know that, I've see the Frito Lays in my spermarket all the time and never made the connection.

                  2. as far as brands you can find at regular supermarkets or fine foods stores, cape cod & utz are the two best...but if you can't track them down i'm sure he'll be happy with kettle chips, they're really pretty good.

                    and for future reference, check out the following site - you might want to contact them & see if they'll ship overseas. a membership to their chip of the month club or a sampler pack could be a perfect holiday gift for your sweetie if he's a real chip fiend...


                    good luck with your chip quest, and travel safely.

                    1. I'd say of the readily available brands the Cape Cod for sure...and they have a reduced-fat chip that IMO tastes just as good.as full-fat.

                      The Utz kettle chip is pretty good. They make a couple of different versions, Grandma Utz, etc.

                      The BRAND called Kettle, I have to say I'm unhappy with. Every time I've tried them, they seem burnt to me, overdone.

                      I'm not a fan of extra flavorings, and am even surprised how good a salt-free chip can be!

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                        I've always liked the Kettle brand, myself. But I agree, what I'm doing it for is the taste of the potatoes--the plainer, including unsalted, the better. But that's just me.

                      2. I have yet to find a kettle chip I don't like but I'd have to say Cape Cod is the best.

                        1. As an addendum to my Cape Cod recc, I tried some Lay's Kettle Cooked Sweet Thai Chili chips that were very good. They didn't start out hot so much as sweet/spicy, but the more you ate, the more the heat accumulated. They are probably a little too specificand pronounced a flavor to eat all the time, but an excellent variation from a surprising source

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                            I have only tried Kettle Chips, but I am in Europe, so I can´t get my hands on Cape Cod... but would love to.

                            I have to say Kettle is really good though. Even though I don´t like their Cheddar chip, I love their Honey Barbecue... I get real cravings.. and have to go 4 a pack!

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                              The new Sweet Onion flavor is very good.

                          2. I'm not absolutely certain they're kettle-cooked, but Poore Brothers out of Arizona struck me as at least kettle-style and they were sheer murder. The habanero flavor packed some major heat, the salt n' vinegar was righteous and my wife cottoned to the steak n' onion. I liked 'em, too.

                            1. Mrs Fishers in Rockford are the best and can get then shipped for about 6.00 a pound including shipping. The next closest is Jays kettle cooked from Chicago but very expensive