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Nov 27, 2007 12:00 PM

Kettle Chips - Which Brand is Best?

My fiance wants me to bring some kettle chips with me to Japan (I'm leaving bright and early Thursday morning, so I've got all of TOMORROW to look for them! Ack!) for him. He apparently likes Sea Salt and Olive Oil in particular for flavors. I know about the "Kettle Chips" brand, but I'm usually pretty wary of anything mass-produced, so is there any other brand worth digging around for? Is the Kettle Chips brand good?

I'm in the Chicago area, so any suggestions from anyone around the area would be really helpful! If you swear by any kind of chip, WHERE can I find it tomorrow???

Thanks in advance!!! ^_^

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  1. Cape Cod chips are my favorite. They do a sea salt & vinegar, but my favorite is the Robust Russett, a dark fried hearty chip that has a great nutty flavor.

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      I second the Cape Cod Robust Russets. So good.

    2. Kettle brand chips are quite good, I think. There's also a brand called Dirty Potato Chips that is delicious (usually find-able at natural foods stores). Solea Olive Oil chips are also lovely, and can almost always be found at World Market. I assume you have those in Chicago. Mmmm. Just writing about this topic is making me hungry.

      1. I've seen Kettle Chips in several Costco stores in California, so you might try there. Of course, if *I* were on a trip to Japan bearing Kettle Chips, they'd never make it...

        1. Cape Cod chips are seriously like crack.

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            They are! I grew up not far from there, and I love them. The salt and vinegar are my favorite.

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              It seems like all of their flavors have been "my favorite" at some point. Right now I am on a jalepeno and aged cheddar kick.

          2. Dirty are good, though I found some flavors to be too artificial (I know, an oxymornon, we are talking about chips here)...Cape Cod are my fav commercially available kettle chips, hand down