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I'm looking for the best Italian Bread in Ct, I come from New York and The Twist Italian Bread is very popular there. It's a Long Braided Italian Bread with Sesame Seeds. I have looked high and low here and can't seem to find it. Is anyone familiar with this bread and where it can be found in Connecticut.

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  1. Hi Mary Ann, I don't know if this is helpful or not, but I used to go to a bakery in Milford that sold Bronx bread. The hard crusted Italian bread. Many of the stores in Milford had their bread delivered from the Bronx. North of there, you might want to try the First and Last Bakery on Maple Ave. in Hartford (across from their restaurant of the same name). They have really good bread there as well.

    1. In fairfield county the best bread can be found at SONO Bake Shoppe in South Norwalk.

      1. Also Billy's Bakery in Fairfield.

        1. To better help you, in what general area of Ct. to you live?

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              We have an Italian bakery in Manchester, that makes its own bread, They make the long loaf and a round loaf with a chewy center and a hard crust. Its wonderful. Its located on Spruce St. and its called Ulliano's not sure of the number of the street or a phone number. If I can find it I will repost and give it out.

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                ulliano's is a great suggestion, but for variety and consistent quality check out first and last listed above. the take-out bakery is located directly across the street from the actual restaurant.

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                  First and Last is ok not my favorite and definitely not NY tasting.

            2. Good luck with finding bread and pizza

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                Oh it has been a challenge for sure but I have found a few good pizza places. The big challenge is bread and bagels.

              2. I would try A&S Foods on Balck Rock Turnpike in Fairfield, or Liuzzi's Cheese on State St. North Haven, whichever is closer

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                  I had Liuzzi's Cheese ....Mozzarella and it was Delicious!

                2. Not the bread you've described but you can try D & D Market on Franklin Ave who carry breads from Arthur Ave

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                    what is this place near? i'm not familiar with it.

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                      Mozzicattos on Franklin Ave is OK
                      Iuliannos in Manchester is excellent but only one kind
                      Collinsville Balety in Collinsville...not Italian but very good
                      First and Last is OK...I've had some stale stuff from them
                      Try some of the Portugese Bakeries on Park St...different shapes but good bread

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                        D&D is on Franklin Ave, nearly across the street from Mozzicattos. They carry Arthur Ave, and others. You also mentioned bagels that are hard to find. I would recommend going to Lox Stock and Bagel on North Main Street in West Hartford.

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                          I tried Lox Stock and Bagel and its ok still not NY bagles.........I know I'm a bread and bagel snob..........I go to D & D all the time and get their bread from Aruthur Ave and there is also another little bread store on Franklin Avenue that has pretty good bread but then again not my twisted Italian Bread.....There is also a fresh pasta store on Franklin Ave. DiFiore's that also carries Arthur Avenue Bread but if anyone is looking for great pasta linguini or speghetti they make the best and also they get fresh mozzarella from NJ that is out of this world!!

                    2. Lupi Legna
                      169 Washington Ave
                      New Haven, CT 06511
                      (203) 562-9491

                      They have some of the best bread you will find around. I'm from the bronx and feel your pain. They do sell what you are looking for also.

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