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Nov 27, 2007 11:29 AM

Jerky in Texas-lost the name of a place

I was reading in the General Chow Board about quality beef jerky. There was a place named, Woody's Smokehouse in Centerville, Tx. It might be the place I am looking for, but I'm not sure. Has anyone been there?

I live in Houston, and it was on a road trip to either Waxahachie, San Marcos, or San Antonio. I know that is pretty vague, sorry! The place I am looking for was next to a truck stop. close to the highway. When you walked in the doors, there was a meat counter on the left, full of different smoked meats, jerky (all kinds), cheeses, deli meat, sausages, etc. I think there were tables around the meat case where you could have fresh deli sandwiches. On the left side of the place it looked like a convenience store/country store, with the usual assortment of chips, drinks, etc, but also had a lot of jams, jellies and pickled items. Not the types you could get in your local store - a store brand. I even brought home a catalog, but it is long gone. This place was not full of your usual country type gift items. It was a more masculine place than, let's say, Cracker Barrel.

I will drive as far as I have to for great jerky and I remember this place had some of the best. The venison was especially good, and I think we got buffalo as well.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Your description definitely sounds like Woody's, and it's still there in Centerville serving up great jerky. I almost always stop there for a sandwich when I'm in between Dallas and Houston. Buffalo jerky's pretty good stuff too. It's located off I-45, so it was probably on your trip to Waxahachie.

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      Thanks! I was with my husband and daughter and they didn't have a clue, but then again we stop at just about every jerky place when we are on the road! I feel a road trip coming!

      1. re: danhole

        Yeah, it's a great place. They're real friendly too, if you walk up to the jerky/meats counter, they'll ask if you wanna try anything and hand you a generous size "sample"

      2. re: air

        Woody's is great! When my husband was in Iraq, I bought a whole pound of their venison jerky and sent it to him. He loved it!

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          I'm real picky about my jerky, so I would rather go to a place and get a taste before purchasing, but thanks for the link.

          1. re: Kingbrad

            Second Robertsons. It is a must stop on our way back from Austin or San Antonio...great jerky.

            1. re: Kingbrad

              Nope, I would have remembered that store front! Thanks, though.

            2. Danhole,

              You are dead on with the description for Woody's Smokehouse in Centerville, TX just off Interstate 45. There is a truck stopesque place (part of Woody's) up on the hill overlooking the main store which if you were facing the store would be on your right. You are correct the jerky counter is on the left as you enter the door, and the smoked sausage and other meats a 90 degree left from that counter.. Behind Woody's is Jack-in-the-Box across the road is a Dairy Queen. When I travel to see my brother in Houston this is usually where I stop (halfway between the two). They have recently added (about 2 years ago) the buffalo jerky and I believe they have had the venison jerky for a while. If I am correct they also have turkey jerky. We have gotten the smoked sausage before and sometimes it tastes like it has been sitting for a while (old). I would definitely stick to the jerky. If looking for sausage I believe there is a whole topic about that more than likely in the Austin board. Hopefully this helps you out.

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                Thanks for verifying the description, so well. I am a jerky hound, but thanks for the warning about the smoked sausage. My husband is a sausage hound! But we are set - just got some fresh venison sausage from a hunter friend this morning! Cant wait to try it!

              2. danhole - I'm not much of a jerky-hound. Can you recommend any good places to get some around Houston??? I had some good venison jerky from a place out in Katy/Brookshire once that I think was called Good Old Boys Smokehouse, or something like that.

                How does Woody's compare to Whittington's of the Hilll Country?


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                  Go to McCains Market at 6th and Heights. They have beef and turkey jerky. I'm not sure about what else they have, but they will let you sample it before you purchase. Nice little place, too, with lots of specialty items, and deli sandwiches. I would post the website but it is lacking in content.

                  There is a place that makes jerky and packages it, and distributes it to bars in the Heights area. I can't remember the name of the jerky, but the last time I had it was at The Shiloh on Studewood. It was very good. Little dive bar, but lots of character, and a good place to stop for a drink.

                  I'm not familiar with Whittington's, and don't get to the Hill Country often.

                  1. re: danhole

                    I've seen that place and wondered about it. Must be pretty new. I'll check it out.


                    ....thought I'd throw that it before it gets mysteriously deleted from my computer. I've heard lots about it but never had any, thought maybe you had. I saw signs for places selling it all over the place when I was vacationing out there a couple of years ago and kept saying 'I'll stop at the next place,' but never did.

                    EDIT: oh yes, just remembered, I've seen Whittington's at Spec's, even sampled some once at a demo tasting.

                    1. re: brucesw

                      Either I will have to go to Spec's (Oh goody! another excuse) and look for Whittington's, or call a cousin in the Hill Country and ask for a care package. Let me know what you think of McCains's. It's about 2 years old now, and features local produce, or whatever . . .