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Best use for stale bread?

I baked a loaf of bread and realized the next day that the zip loc bag I placed it in to keep fresh was not closed all the way. Now I have a loaf of stale bread. Anyone have a delicious strata recipe or a suggestion for some other preparation? Thanks in advance!

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  1. What about bread pudding? The recipe in the red checkered Better Homes and Gardens always works nicely for me.

    1. French toast for breakfast tomorrow...or as a dessert, tonight! French toast bakes just as easily as it is fried.


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        Vote number two for french toast - it is so perfect with stale bread.

      2. 1. Bread Pudding(Commander's Palace recipe)
        2. Bread Pudding(Paul Prudhomme's recipe)
        3. Bread Pudding (make up a recipe, with lots of eggs, cream, vanilla and sugar)

        1. I make garlic croutons..or grind it up for breadcrumbs and freeze until I need em.

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            yup. That's what I would do. Cube it, Flavour it. Bake it. Store it.

          2. Use it to make meatballs...stale bread works great. Soak it in a little milk and drop it into the meatball recipe.

            1. One think I like to do is a savory bread pudding. Cube up your bread and divide into ramekins (you can do a big one, too, of course). Caramelize a good amount of onions and top the bread crumbs with a heaping spoonful in each ramekin. Beat your eggs, some cream or milk, plus salt, pepper, dry mustard (just a smidge) and thyme, and pour into your ramekins or baking dish. Top with some grated gruyere, fontina, or what have you, and bake.

              It's wonderful, and a nice change from the usual starchy side dishes.

              1. We make panzanella style salad - cubed bread, chopped tomatoes, scallions, greens(sometimes), and garlic-y vinaigrette. Tasty taste! There are tons of more specific recipes out there...

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                  That's what I was thinking, too. The Zuni chicken bread salad is good, too.


                2. I put my stale bread in the food processor and make crumbs. Then I sieve the crumbs so that I have fine ones and coarse ones (yes, so I'm crazy). Then, if I don't need them right away, I freeze them.

                  The coarse crumbs go into things like meatloaf and meatballs. There was also a Bittman recipe in the Times recently for pasta with chorizo, chickpeas, and breadcrumbs, and I want to try that.

                  The fine crumbs can also go into meatballs/loaf, but I also use them to make treacle tart.

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                    Homemade croutons are the best and easy. I am even making some to give as gifts for the holidays. I used Olive Oil and Butter both and season however you'd like.

                  2. works great as a thickener / ingredient in soups. i used to amke a garlic soupe with sausage and bread in it thatw as so potent it was actually mind altering, of course you would still smell like u had just eaten garlic for lunch 2 days later....

                    1. Homemade croƻtons or breadcrumbs!

                      1. I'm glad someone mentioned soup. Gazpacho was my first thought!

                        1. Meatballs or look up Rachael Ray's "Papa Al Pomodoro" which is good by itself of can easily be jazzed up in all sorts of ways.

                          1. Panzanella in the summer when tomatoes are good and ribolitta in the winter to fill and warm the belly.

                            1. I grew up in a household with a paper sack of stale bread permanently on top of the fridge. Breadcrumbs for meatloaf, meatballs or breading, bigger chunks for stuffings. I've done the same off and on, though nowadays I just stock up before I know I'm going to need them, since they do get to tasting kinda old after they've sat in the sack for a few months...