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Nov 27, 2007 11:28 AM

Rae anybody?

Recently went to Rae, for my birthday and was not impressed. Bar service was slow, drinks put into unchilled incorrect glasses then after complaining drinks were poured and spilled into correct glasses that had to be rewashed. Table given was in back next to where busboys had to get silverware, bread had to be asked for and last but not least, birthday which was noted in reservation was ignored. Would not return. Anybody else have experience similar??

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  1. I don't know how they do well. Their menu has always seemed odd and impossible to understand, the design is far too white and bright and the service hasn't gotten it together.

    1. Had a similar experience with surprisingly bad service and food that overall did not live up to it's promise. (Did, however, have an amazing piece of foie gras.) I also found the design, while quite stunning at first approach, in the end, not warm or quiet enough (and we had a table right up front). It feels like the bar scene gets precedence over the restaurant.

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        Gee whiz! Add me to the undazzled list. I too was really disappointed and the prices were large while the portions were small.
        Rae and Water Works are 2 places that look really New York snazzy and are probably good for lunches but forget me for dinners.

      2. Yea, Rae is no good... Went there for restaurant week. The food was mediocre at best. Four of us went and 2 of us ordered from the restaurant week menu and two of us ordered from the regular menu. I tasted all the food we got, and not one dish really hit the spot for me. It seems like they put more emphasis on the atmosphere and snotty service than the food.

        1. You pretty much described what I have experienced, and I have heard from others. It's really too bad.

          1. I had dinner there shortly after they opened, and loved everything about it. We were three and had meat and fish courses, and the service was lovely. We liked it enough to have a 50th birthday party there in October, with which everyone -- especially the birthday principessa -- seemed quite pleased.

            My favorites were the antipasto/fondue/crudite buffet, my halibut main course, and the cheese course, which included a great gorgonzola and a really nice asiago.

            One dinner I had short good...I'm not usually a meat eater.

            I love the look of the Cira Centre, including the decor of Rae, and I've never had a bad time there (at Rae). I just got an e-mail for their NYE party, and I'm thinking of coming to visit again from Pittsburgh.

            So, I hope all of you were there on the same bad night, and that my experience is more characteristic of the restaurant.

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            1. re: Jay F

              Perhaps I should give it another try. But it's so hard when there's a plethora of really good restaurants around in center make it out to west philly. :) If you visit Rae often, do you mind recommending some of your favorite dishes?

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                I just took a quick glance at the happy hour menu, since it's getting to be that time, and I would highly, highly, highly recommend the Artisan Cheese Board (available on Wed and Fri), which has been cheeses of the first order, great crudites, and their wonderful fondue. Go to their menu and read around.

                Another thing: I love the decor. It's so ME. And I love the Cira Centre. And if I'm in Phila, I'm in West Phila. If I lived in CC, maybe Rae wouldn't seem quite so wonderful. Naaaaaaaaaah. I take that back. I love the place. And it couldn't be what it is in CC, with that wonderful electric light show at night. Y'all in Phila. should be appreciating this place while you can.

                And I never get snotty service. Even once when I semi-deserved it recently. A waiter was passing a very complicated hors d'oeuvre with a spit-out piece. He also had a handful of napkins, which he put right in front of me, and I just took the whatever it was out of my mouth and put it on his stack of napkins. I realized almost instantaneously, Oops, that wasn't the thing to do. But the waiter couldn't've been more gracious.

                Sure, he should have had some little bowl on his tray to dispose of the pit -- I think it was an olive pit. The moment could have been so awkward, but we just ended up laughing at each other; it was cute, actually.

                I sometimes think those who complain about crappy service must do something to inspire it.