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What do you do with the leftover egg whites, or yolks?

I admit it. I'm cheap. Well, I have to be, but that's a different story. When I have a recipe for something that uses a lot of egg yolks, I don't want to throw out the whites. Or, if I have something that requires a lot of egg whites, I HATE throwing out the yolks. Often, I choose to not make the recipe.

How do you handle this? I'm thinking in terms of companion recipes, specifically, that would use up the remains. Or, how do you save the remains and how do you use them later?

I look forward to your thoughts and ideas.


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  1. this exact questin was a topic this morning at jfood's table. he makes little jfood a 3-egg white omelette every morning. He cried every time he sent the yolks down the drain. so he decided to keep them in a container and the winner was creme brulee.

    1. Suggest using your whites for meringues - dead easy and delicious.

      1. leftover yolks are great for custards, bread puddings, etc...I understand how you feel entirely. I usually just put them in a tupperware in the fridge and they keep for several days.

        1. yolks become mayo and whites become meringue/pav

          1. With one or two left-over yolks I'd make a delicious home-made mayonnaise or aioli.

            1. Egg whites freeze well. I ususally put them in an ice-cube tray to freeze them and then, once frozen, put them in a zip-lock bag. That way I know eggsactly (sorry, couldn't resist) how many whites I've got. I must use an awful lot more yolks than whites, because a few months ago I discovered I had about 12 egg whites in the freezer. Time for macaroons. And I, too, like jfood, make egg-white omelets.

              Yolks don't freeze as well. They get sorta lumply. I've never done this, but I've read that you should stir 1/8 teaspoon of salt or 1-1/2 teaspoons of sugar or corn syrup into every four egg yolks (depending on whether you'll be using them for something sweet or savory).

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                Whites do freeze well. I freeze them in little freezer bags. I found a recipe for a merengue-blancmange-type thing with sweet chestnut puree in one of Delia's cookbooks, and I'm planning to try that.

                One thing, though: I understand that whites only whip efficiently when they're at room temperature. Something to consider.

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                  I rarely have a ton of leftover whites, as I do egg white omelettes very very often, but if I do, I freeze them in ice cube trays.

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                  I eat egg white omelets for breakfast and freeze the yolks with a bit of sugar or salt mixed in. They usually go into a yellow cake or a lemon curd (alton has a recipe that uses 5 yolks) and work fine. Just make sure you label whether the yolks are sweet or savory.

                3. Leftover yolks become hollandaise or bernaise sauce.
                  Leftover whites become omelets or meringues.

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                    I toss yolks, but whites get added to a 1&1/2 C. jar in the freezer. When it's full: anglefood cake.

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                      Leftover eggwhites become pavlova; leftover yolks become key lime creme, my new favorite.

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                        Egg whites=macaroons. I like one of the (many) epicurious recipes for chocolate covered coconut macaroons and frequently skip the chocolate. I also bake until they're golden and a bit toasted.


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                        My mother always made custard from the leftover yolks from an angel food cake (my brother's choice for his birthday cake). Last time my best friend was down, she threw out the yolks after making her kids egg white breakfast -- could've wrung her neck!

                    2. Egg yolks - ice cream
                      Egg whites - delicious almond cake from Marcella Hazan's "Essentials"

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                        Oh, fantastic... I have that cookbook and I'm about to make tons of ice cream for Christmas. Maybe an almond cake for xmas dessert this year!

                      2. I like to make recipes that use yolks first and I freeze the whites for later use. As JoanN said, the yolks don't freeze well (supposedly, I also have never tried, but was told not to).

                        I like to freeze whites individually (ice cube tray or the like) and then pop them out into a freezer bag. Or if I have a ton, then I freeze them by the cup. 1.5 cups of whites makes angel food cake. My last one was fabulous, served with lemon curd and white nectarines!

                        1. I have a little tupperware bowl in my freezer where I keep egg whites, tallying the number on a post-it taped to the top. When I get 12 it's time to make angelfood cake!!!! I scramble leftover yolks (a big hit with my toddler and an excellent training motivator for our dog, but good by our standards too).

                          1. There is no such thing as leftover egg whites at my house. My husband eats a 10 egg white omelet every morning. He likes those Horizon organic eggs. The yolks either go to the 15 lbs pekingese (there is only so many yolks a dog will eat) and the rest down the drain.

                            I wish there was some way to do an exchange. yolks for whites. everyone would win.

                            1. I usually save egg whites for a few days and make egg white omelettes. Extra yolks go to the dog...I give my doggie cooked yolk, the vet said it's OK once in a while to help keep her skin soft and coat shiny.

                              1. Without having to do it, does anyone know how many egg whites fit into a standard ice cube tray?

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                                1. I freeze the whites, and generally end up using them to clarify stock (which I do far more frequently than I make meringues).

                                  1. I also hate wasting and try to coordinate my meals if I know I'm going to have leftover yolks or whites. Whites usually go to make: meringues, omelettes, angel food. Yolks make: flan, pots de creme or really any custard, yema, eggwash. I have to confess I am not the most creative.

                                    1. Loretta White published a book "The Good Egg" about forty years ago (or more) that might help you. Once you get past the typographical errors (like coming understand that when the recipe that suggests cooking fish in hot oil for "30 minutes" probably means "3" minutes it can be pretty helpful. In the least, it isn't expensive and has a lot of good ideas for using those left over egg yolks and egg whites.