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Nov 27, 2007 11:09 AM

Can anyone recommend a good seafood restaurant in Hamburg?

I will only be there one night, so I would really like to experience the city's famous seafood.

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  1. This place is mid-priced (circa 15-25 euro for mains), very traditional, and with good food. Also, the location on the Deichstrasse is very charming, with a view of the Nikolaifleet.

    FischAlt Hamburger Aalspeicher
    Deichstr. 43, Hamburg
    Tel. 36 29 90, Fax. 37 31 71

    They are pretty famous for their Aalsuppe, I found it really delicious. Other things to try would be anything krabben (north sea mini-shrimps), herring, or obviously eel. They also do traditional Hamburg non-fish dishes like "birnen, bohnen & speck".

    If you want more upscale or more casual, there are other options. This one is really "old hamburg" though.

    1. Fischereihafen is the best!!!!