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Nov 27, 2007 11:06 AM

6 Food Obsessed People Meeting in NO

We have one night to eat a great meal before we embark on a road trip. 3 couples--one from LA, one from NY, and one from Austin--all in love with food. We love Lilette. Interested in August, but we've been reading mixed reviews and it seems a bit stuffy. Suggestions?


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  1. Stella! or Brigtsens. Brigtsens if you want closer to fine, regional cooking in a quaint little cottage. Stella! for more asian and french flares, more fine dining and a very impressive wine list. Both are comfortable rooms, not stuffy in the least, etc. I have had amazing meals at Brigtsens, but last time we went to Stella was one of the best dining experiences I have had the pleasure of.

    1. brigtsens. take the big table in the middle room, tell them this is your one meal in NOLA and let chef frank cook up a storm.

      1. Mila has been getting rave reviews on this site...check it
        Also Cochon is a big hit as well
        Other than that I would say Luke, everyone in town i talk to say its excellent but the reviews on here have been negative about the service mostly.

        Those are the ones I would hit since you mentioned Lilette

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        1. re: jamielynn

          If you only have one meal in NO you would choose Cochon or Luke? I enjoyed Cochon thoroughly, but can think of at least 5-10 other places I would go to first.

          I admittedly have not been to Luke, but with only one meal in the city and the plethora of awful reviews, again, there is no need to chance that meal being ruined over the waitstaff. There are just too many other options that do not have that issue in this town.

          1. re: mikek

            I'm with you...if I had one dinner it would be Brigsten's..but if I had one lunch it would probably be Cochon...but now that I think about it- if I really only had one lunch it would be Parkway!

            1. re: mikek

              Luckily i will never have to only have one meal in New Orleans!!!
              Because I could never choose.
              I guess though - August or Gautreau's
              I got nothing against Brightsen's - but it has just never been a place that my circle was ever really was hyped about. I will try to change that though - will go again soon.

          2. I will echo most sentiments on the thread, so far, and third Brigtsen's. Of the fine-dining in NOLA, it is always included on each trip - regardless. If I had, but one meal in NOLA, that is where I would choose. Many great restaurants to choose from, but, of them all, that would be my #1 choice.


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            1. re: Bill Hunt

              One of the many great things about Brigtsen's is that, even though it's one of the best restaurants in NOLA, and I guess it qualifies as "fine dining," it nonetheless is the antithesis of stuffy. It's casual and fun, and three couples can have a grand ol' time without feeling like they're disturbing the other patrons. Not that it's a boisterous place, but it's a relaxed place, more so than you'd expect from such a great restaurant.

              1. re: Blumie

                Blumie, I agree completely. Though I am a fan for more formal fine-dining, I enjoy, and feel very welcomed at Brigtsen's - just a good mix of the necessary components. The atmosphere there, has ALWAYS added to the overall experience for us.


                1. re: Bill Hunt

                  my friend is the one person that hated august, he got a mixed shrimp and mushroom appetizer and a the butternut squash or shrimp bisque. to this day, whenever i bring up what a great meal i had he feels it's one of the worst.

                  also, he's not used to dropping 50 bucks or more per meal, even if it is a gourmet meal. he likes to mention that it was really like 100 per meal here (when you include the taxi ride there and back).

                  Me, on the otherhand, i think it was one of the greatest if not the greatest dishes i had in new orleans, that dish being:

                  the Duck with the cherry sauce, pure heaven.

                  The atmosphere is not that rollicking, it still feels like a fine dining, grown up restaurant. But I do like the cottage atmsophere in some sense. It's not completely unstuffy though, for people that are used to casual though still expensive New York and Los Angeles restuarants.

                  1. re: kevin

                    Kevin, would you please tell me more about the duck with cherry sauce.
                    I'd absolutely love some details.


                    1. re: Isabella

                      Roasted Duck (defatted) with the crispest skin (i ate all my skin, it would truly be a shame to waste duck skin this sublime) with a tart dried cherry sauce (the slightly sweetish sour cherries thickened a little bit with the duck roasting juices makes this really delicious). It arrives with some great mashed potatoes and some julienned vegetables.

                      I don't really know if this dish is Cajun, Creole, or Chinese, or updated New Orleans food, but one thing it is is delicious.

                      Stupidly, when I was there I didn't ask for some more of the cherry sauce but I should have. Great stuff. They're desserts are pretty good too, esp, that cafe au lai creme brulee.

                      1. re: kevin

                        Thanks for all the details Kevin!
                        I'll be making duck with cherry sauce for Christmas and you gave me exactly enough info to pull it off!

                        I won't have time to have the restaurant's version before then, but will make sure to try it fairly soon.

                        Thanks again!

            2. All the suggestions here are good. You could also try Cuvee and Bayona.

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              1. re: wadelit

                If you're willing to spring for a cab... Try Dick and Jenny's. Corner of Tchoupitoulous and Jena... ( from the Quarter the cab fare is about $10 each way and worth it... especially if there's some great music being played at Tipitinas)...if you get there go for the Savory cheesecake as an app... I think right now it's an Andouille cheesecake... absolutely freakin tremendous. But every single thing they have on the menu is stellar

                1. re: kimmiethebeadwench

                  If you're going to take a cab Uptown, just go to Brigtsen's. Dick & Jenny's is overrated, in my opinion, and has been for a number of years.

                  1. re: kmnola

                    Dick & Jenny's does not take reservations either. The wait there was ridiculous the couple of times I went. Maybe I'm the one missing something, but I don't think its worth the wait at all. If I'm waiting that long, I'd rather go to Jaque Imo's.

                    Brigtsen's is a great pick. Cochon is something you'd have a hard time finding anywhere else. Cuvee is excellent fine dining (though perhaps stuffy, as is August). Stella! is an amazing restaurant thats less stuffy. For more "bistro" type similar to Lillette, you can check out Le Petit Grocery.

                    1. re: Kingrover

                      Add me to the Brigtsen's brigade. Only 1 night in NoLa? No question...

                      1. re: GroovinGourmet

                        Another vote for Brigtsen's. Best dinner of my life.

                        It would have been "best meal" if I'd never had lunch at Katz's Deli in NYC.