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Nov 27, 2007 11:04 AM

Cheap Eats near the Rio in Vegas

Going to be in Vegas this weekend for a bachelor party. These guys are likely gonna wanna go out for some fancy expensive dinners and that just ain't in my budget at this time. I'm definitely planning on hitting Lotus of Siam (maybe twice), and possibly also check out Grimaldi's for some pizza. But otherwise I'm not sure where to eat. I'm debating whether I really want to eat a buffet, or if I'd just be better off finding some delicious cheap eats somewhere off the strip. I won't have a car, but my buddy will and he'll probably be up for driving for at least a couple of meals.

Looking for two types of recommendations. Any cheap eats within walking distance of the Rio? By walking distance I mean anywhere within 1-2 miles away. I'm not afraid to walk a little. Also, if there's any place with cheap eats that would deliver to the Rio that would be better. Especically for late night. Ethnic foods are always a favorite, but also interested in real BBQ, or anything just damn tasty.

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  1. about 1 mile west of rio is the intersection of flamingo and decatur - places to eat - metro pizza - decent pizza - i'm a fan of sausage pizza - they make a chicago thin crust w/sausage - cut in squares...i think it's called triple play...good stuff....there's a japanese buffet - makino - my so and i like it - main diff between lunch and dinner - dinner has crab legs and sashimi...there is a greek place - i did a picture review on it earlier this year - the name escapes me - big fat greek...something like that - there is a buffalo style gyro that is very tasty, there is a ricrdo's mexican food place - i've never eaten there, there is a very small drive thru and small patio eating area hot dog stand - they serve sabrett's dogs ( i believe a nj dog ) that has a "cult" following...i've tried twice - it was ok - but many swear by those dogs - they also serve "LA Style PAstrami " - not sure what that means...i have not tried that yet...across the street ( southwest ) is a mcd's but the strip mall next to it has a capriotti's - great deli sandwiches ...there are a few thai places also on flamingo but i have not tried them ( on the palms casino side of flamingo ) - cheap eats that deliver....hmmm...good question....personally, a late night fav of mine - across the street from rio is gold coast - chinese - ping pang pong stays open late ( possibly as late as 2or 3 ) - very good chinese...not great...but very good...the gold coast coffee shop has a graveyard special - i think $2.25 gets you bacon or sausage eggs, hash browns or pancake and sausage/bacon....i believe steak and eggs are about $6 or $ ain't michelin 3 star but after getting your drink works and for $2.25....

    not sure where you are from - on the west coast we have a burger place called in-n-out - it's a mile south of rio ( trop and 15's on dean martin ) - i think it's open until 1 am...damn good burger ! the double - double ...about $2.50...if you walk it...there is a bar on dean martin between flamingo and trop - tommy rockers...i hear it's converted to a topless place but i personally have not been there....let's see where else ?!?! I also highly recommend you drive to spring mountain and enjoy the many asian restaurants - prinmarily chinese, but also vietnamese, thai, etc...- some are open until 3 a.m.

    and i'm just scratching the surface !!!!!

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      It's far from Fine Dining...The Tilted Kilt inside the Rio has lots of cheap food.
      The Monterey Room in the Gold Coast has decent Asian Food offereings and it's very inexpensive.

      And as kjs mentioned Metro Pizza is inexpensive and decent...and yes they deliver!
      You will have to meet them in the Valet area ...but they will bring it to the Hotel piping hot!
      Great Garlic Knots!

      1. re: ciaogal

        The Tilted Kilt @ the Rio has closed.
        Ping Pang Pong @ the Gold Coast serves dim sum daily from around 11AM-2PM.
        The Cortez room serving @ the Gold Coast serves prime rib, steak and seafood and is very popular with the locals because of the high quality/price ratio, but make advance reservations.
        Thai Spice is located in a small shopping center just west and on the same side of Flamingo as the Palms. Not up to LOS, but it is walkable.
        The Rio's buffet is one of the better ones, but the line tends to be long.
        Prime Rib Loft at the Orleans, one mile drive from Rio, is another one that has a very high quality/price quotient.
        Arriva is an inexpensive Italian eatery in the Gold Coast. I have not tried it so I can speak to quality. Tables ordering 2 entrees after 8:30PM receive a free bottle of wine. It is open to 10PM Wed-Sun.

    2. Both the Gold Coast and the Orleans have a decent one pound tbone special in the coffee shops for around $11. Also, the buffett at the Orleans is good for the money. Check out the Orleans site for the menu at the Prime Rib Loft. There is a free shuttle every 20 mintues that goes to the Orleans, Gold Coast and Bill's Gambeling Hall on the Strip. It is free an you do not have to be a guest. It save time if you go to the Orleans to eat.

      1. update on the late night eating at gold coast coffee shop ( monterey room ) - the steak and eggs are $4.25...ny steak - about 6 oz - it's tender - not too juicy - flavor...not bad for $4.25 but it ain't prime !!! i tried it last night - had a $30 food comp so SO and I had a feast and took alot of food home with us

        1. I love Lotus of Siam but if you like Thai and you want walking distance I also really like Thai SPice and its one block up from the palms (less then a quarter of a mile from the Rio ) on Flamingo and Arville. Its cheap and I like it almost as much as Lotus (zagats gives it a 27 if you care about that) and the neighborhood is less shady. Also in the same shopping mall as Thai Spice is Pasta Mia--- pretty solid italian -- not overly priced but not very very cheap. You could have a nice meal with a glass of wine for under $30.