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Nov 27, 2007 11:02 AM

best Providence-area butcher

I'd like to know what's out there for a good butcher, and one who will quarter my chickens for me (recovering vegetarian, just starting to cook with whole birds, not ready to hack yet) and get me stuff like chicken necks, backs for stock. Here's what I've explored so far:

I really like Jerusalem Meat Market in Rolfe Square, Cranston -- great kosher meat, very friendly, good prices.

Any opinions on the carnicerĂ­a on Gano? They wanted nearly two bucks a pound for chicken necks! Ummmm - what? Even at Whole Foods they only charged a buck a pound!

The international foods store on Hope (near Seven Stars) has a great selection of farmers' cheese and various deli meats, but doesn't carry whole chickens.

I think the butchers at Whole Foods might hack one up for me... they did order chicken backs for me so I could make stock.

I really like the butchers at Belmont, but I'm looking for other Providence-area stuff.

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  1. I would consider Shore's in North Providence on Mineral Spring. I've never asked them to butcher a chicken for me, but I often get loins of beef which they happily slice in steaks of requested thickness. My guess is that they would be obliging.

    1. I know several people who go batty for Armando's meats in downtown Pawtucket. I haven't tried it because I'm too lazy to visit more than one place for food, but people rave about the prices and selection and it's always hoppin'. My husband is just about to pitch a fit because he thinks no one will hack up a chicken for him in this country.

      1. Did you try Antonelli's in DePasquale Square on Federal Hill? They will do it for you. Chickens are fresh-killed.

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          Antonelli's is really an experience...last year I even bought a rabbit there. Though if you're a recovering vegetarian, be warned that when you get it, the bag is still warm...

        2. The Jerusalem meat market metnion caught my eye, did not know there was a kosher butcher in the area. Jerusalem is not kosher, it is a halal butcher. Big difference. Just wanted to point that out.

          I like the butcher shop at Eastside Marketplace, and WF will definitely hack a chicken for you.

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            Oh -- I didn't realize. A friend described it to me as "the kosher butcher in Rolfe Square" so I just assumed and when I googled "kosher butcher" that one popped up... hmm. Halal butchers serve the Muslim community, right? Anyway, I was there again today, and I also got some yummy-looking orange blossom honey.

            1. re: foxy fairy

              East Side Market usually has quartered whole chickens on display, already wrapped.

          2. You'd be surprised at what I get the butcher at Stop and Shop to do for me. He's pretty accommodating.

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              1. re: foxy fairy

                It's the one on Newport Ave. If they're not too busy, I've found them to be helpful, but I've probably never asked them to do anything too unusual. If it's something that will take a little time, I'll call in the order.