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Nov 27, 2007 10:54 AM

Source for macarons (not macaroons) online or close to Austin?

Hello everybody, I am looking to get some macarons as a Christmas gift. They are also sometimes called Luxemburgerli. These are not macaroons, but instead two small meringue-like cookies sandwiched with a flavored filling. I did see a previous post where somebody was looking for them in Austin:

But I am interested in online sources, unless somebody has begun to make them in Austin. The photo in the first post in that previous topic is exactly what I am looking for. I have found two sources online, one called Mad Mac in New York ( and one called Paulette in Beverly Hills (

I am wondering if anybody has sampled macarons from either of those companies, or from any other company that will deliver. Unfortunately, Sprungli in Zurich will not ship to the US, because the product is so perishable. If anybody has actually tried any that are available online, I'd love to know.



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  1. This place is out of San Francisco and very reputable. I have not had the macarons, but they look like what you are seeking. You can contact them about shipping.

    1. I think I saw what you are looking for at the new Specs at Braker/Mopac (Arborwalk).

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        I had seen them frozen at the south Spec's a while ago, but haven't seen them since. My source for them is now my kitchen. I've gotten really good at making them..

        I also have a friend in Paris this week who is going to try and bring me some from Pierre Herme or Laudree!

        Oakville Grocery in the Domain has some made by Sweet Tempered, but they are NOT good in my opinion. The cookie itself is very, very gritty and the fillings are just boring.

      2. I was the one looking for these lovely cookies. I've since seen them online at williams-sonoma:

        and Dean & Deluca:

        The spelling seems to vary.

        I haven't ordered them but I am very, very tempted.

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        1. re: chispa_c

          I'm actually trying my hand at making them right now. The batter seems VERY stiff...we'll see how they turn out. My friend in Beverly Hills tells me that she has seen Paulette's shop, which sells nothing but macarons, and that it's very cute, but that she hasn't yet tried them. She did say the macarons at Jin Patisserie in Venice, CA, ( are delicious, but they won't ship. If this batch I'm making don't turn out, I'll order from either Paulette or Mad Mac NYC.

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          1. Have you tried La Burdick? they will ship fedex due to its short life.

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              I'll second that recommendation for the "luxembourgers" from L.A. Burdick. May I suggest that you also order yourself a chocolate assortment (with a couple of mice), angusb? I wish we could find chocolates here in Austin that taste that good.